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It worked out for him great! Now, me on the other hand, I'm still doing it! ♥c
Hippo Birdie Deer Ewe!! ♥L

Right now I'm working on unicorns for my girls. I found the Clop and Ali pattern from Crochet World Magazine online, but I had my doubts about the copyright integrity. Luckily my mother-in-law had the issue of Crochet World Magazine in which the Clop and Ali pattern won pattern of the month! I am currently working on the first unicorn. Here's a rough picture please ignore the jammies lol.  

I have since finished the horn for my first uni and am now working on the legs. I have put my dino project on hold to get these unicorns done, but I'll be picking that up again as soon as I'm done with the unis.  

Those unicorns are really going to be terrific!

I'm making 6 Christmas stockings for a lady at church before next Christmas.  They are intarsia so we will see how this goes and if I'm even able to get it done.  I'm not giving up on the things I want to knit for fun though.  I'm almost finished with a Super Sheldon costume and I really want to try and make all of them.  We also drew names for Christmas and I got my sister in-law who happens to love handmade things, so this is going to be fun!  I've got a whole year to knit stuff for her!  I also got the most beautiful cross-stitched checkerboard from one of my other sister in-laws.  I'll have to post a picture.  When I saw it I almost cried!   She even came up with all of the designs on it all by herself!  Hope you all had a great Christmas too!

I think my family should start using the name drawing idea.  This year we all scrambled to get presents for everyone and we were all low on cash.  It was still a wonderful Christmas though.  Drawing names would mean that each person only has to buy for one other person though rather than trying to buy for everyone.  Good luck with all your knitting fun!  I have to ask because I'm curious and I have seen the term a few times.  What is intarsia?

I'm not sure I can give you a good definition, but the stockings all have pictures knitted into them.  One is supposed to have a truck, andother a plane, etc.   We had to start drawing names in my husband's family.  He is one of 9 and all but 3 of them are married now.  There are 13 grandchildren that we all buy for though.  Most of the time the kids end up getting a gift to share.  My brother in-law made my boys a box blade to pull behind their pedal tractors.  It's super-cute!


Here's a picture of the checkerboard my sister  in-law made me.  Isn't it beautiful!

Oh, wow, Tami. I would have cried also! That is so special.
Tami :  We buy for all the kids here too, but we have so many kids to buy for on a limited income.  There are 16 children that I need to buy for each Christmas.  Then 20 or more adults that I should buy for as well.  It is hard to manage to get all of them something with such a limited budget as I have.  I usually don't get to buy for everyone.  The name drawing idea seems like something that would work for everyone.  The presents aren't what is important at Christmas, but it would be nice to be able to get something for everyone I feel I should buy for.  That checkerboard is lovely.  Handmade gifts are always the best!
One of my freinds has a dollar store Christmas where everyones gift MUST only cost $1.  We thought about that but we decided everyone would rather have one $20 gift instead.  It works really well.  We already drew names for next year, so that gives us plenty of time to find bargains. 
My family has had to do that. It wasn't announced or anything, but my mother usually buys nearly everyone's gift from the dollar store each year. Her gifts usually cost more than a dollar and she tries to find things that each of us will like, but it is really hard to shop for the young men of the family at the dollar store. I bought $20 presents for my family when I was more financially stable, but this year, sadly, everyone's present was fairly cheap and I couldn't even buy for everyone. Things should pick up soon, I hope.


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