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Here is my current favorite - he sits on my desk & guards it from thieves.

(Frances from Danger Crafts made with Merino Style)

Show off your toys - I always need new toy patterns!

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From what I have heard, she is doing well.  I think the cat is her favorite.  The day after she got it, she was sitting in her car seat, busily trying to get the needle felted eyes out - lol.  The cat is rather ''strange" looking to me, but it's baby friendly neck is what really appealed to me when I was looking for easy to hold toys. The mouse is my favorite. 

Funny thing.  I spent some time the other day uploading some pic onto my page.  It's been quite a while, and if you know me, you know I like to take lots of pictures, so I am way behind in that department. 

My sister came over today to take a look at knitted baby toy patterns as one of her friends has recently become a grandparent.  She looked thru my big binder of patterns, thru all my favorites on ravelry and then thru the tons of pages that came up when she searched for toys there.  What did she end up choosing?  Why of course, this little mouse.  It was probably the 2nd toy she looked at in my binder and kept coming back to it.  Guess I'll get to do this little cutie again! 

What fun!
Ooooh, they are both absolutely adorable!!
Hey, Lena, we've certainly been missing your sunshiny face! Hope things are going well with you.
My girl bunny met a couple of friends today:

The designs are from Little Cotton Rabbits:
She also has an Etsy store.

Whenever I find anything on Etsy, I check to see if they also have a Ravelry store. If so, I get it on Ravelry instead so it can be in my Ravelry library.

Good thinking. I only see the freebies from Little Cotton Rabbits in my library.

You might send her a message on Ravelry to see if she will put the purchased ones in you library. I've had that done prior to purchasing on Etsy only if it's not on Ravelry.

I bought the mouse boy through Ravelry. I discovered that you can add something to your library without buying it, but it's just the icon with a link to the project page.

That's true, you can add it to your library, but it certainly is nice to have the pattern available there. Also, on her Ravelry shop, if you buy more than one pattern, she gives you a discount. Since I haven't shopped in her other shops, I don't know if the same applies, but I imagine she probably does it there as well.

I got the boy and the girl together at the same time at a discount. They are the same basic pattern, but with adaptations. I used the ideas from the adaptations to do my own, my boy bunnies are going to be wearing Nikes, and the baby boy bunny will have a soaker and sweater, instead of the pants, and booties instead of Nikes. I 'm also putting tidy whiteys on the two boys.

A soaker! What a cute idea!


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