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Here is my current favorite - he sits on my desk & guards it from thieves.

(Frances from Danger Crafts made with Merino Style)

Show off your toys - I always need new toy patterns!

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very cute!
Hi all. I haven't fallen off the edge — yet. Here are two samples of my newest creations. The sock monkey, well, just because it is a sock monkey, eh? I made the bear after a "dare" from one of my friends who lives in the Rockies to make a bear one. These are way too much fun to make. I do the ears by picking up the stitches from the body, knitting in the round and decreasingto end up with 6 sts. I think I am going to branch out into beer cozies next. Btw, these work great on iced-tea glasses!

These are very cute, and useful too! Hmmm, a beer cozy sounds like a good idea right about now with all the heat. I wish I were in the Canadian Rockies right about now. It's been way too long since we were there. One of my DH's favorite places to go.
A beer cozy! I have the perfect recipients for two for Christmas gifts!!!
For beer cozies: With scrap ww acrylic CO 32 on #4US dbl-pt. K one row, purl the next (to prevent curling). Knit to you heart's content. BO in purl. For the coffee cup version (or slanted iced-tea glasses), increase 4sts on row 11ish. To make ears, pu 9sts (=18sts) and knit in the round (on two needles, yes you can) for 4rows. Then decrease every row: ssk on the right side and k2tog on the left, until there are 3+3 sts left. For pointier ears start the decrease earlier and to a dbl dec for the last row (=2sts left). The mouth is CO 10, P first row, inc one on each side on every row until 16sts, P across, dec 1 on each side every row unitl 10st, BO in knit (on the WS). For the bear muzzle, I increased every other ro unitl 14st and decreased every other row to make it more roundish. If anyone wants my notes for the sock-monkey, email me. These would be great made in WotA or Comfy!
♥L who thinks making these in team colours would work, with different striping, or initials, or swedish lovikka crisscross...
Thanks for the directions, Lena. Yours turned out so cute. Maybe the WotA ones would be good felted.
Thanks, Lena! I've saved it to my notes on my iPad!
Here are some party animals:

♥L who just was offered a job!! YEAH!!!
Those aren't party animals! THIS is a party animal!

Congrats on the job offer!
I should point out that no minors were given access to alcoholic beverages in the making of this photo!
Uh, oh. Yeah, sure...not staged at all.
♥L who had scenes of the movie "19th Wife" filmed in my fort yarn all day yesterday...


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