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Hi everyone,I was given the knitted animals book by Zoe Mellor.I knitted several snakes,the alligator and the turtle.Then I was asked to knit the turtle in a larger size{kinda like a big pillow}I knitted it after much calculating to get the proportions right.It was a great sucess as they raffled it off {where I volunteer}I am sorry I did not take pictures of all these animals that I knitted...its really too bad that there are not enough hours in the day to knit as all the other stuff {like cooking ,cleaning,etc,} gets in the you ladies have any suggestion to stretch the day so we can do the fun stuff?...josie

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Josie, We've all been trying to figure that one out. My DH does a lot of the house work - which definitely helps! But there are still not enough hours in a day. --S
Hi Susan,I do not know if you received my earlier e-mail { I think I hit the wrong button} I also have a husband who helps with the cooking.I do know that I work my complicated patterns in the morning {I am retired} but the easy knitting I do in the evening while watching TV.Don"t you find that you get satisfaction finishing a project?,whether it is for you or a gift for someone else.And its a great stress reliever...josie
I'm not sure if I did, I'll go back and check. I also tend to do the more complicated early in the day, and the simpler things later in the day. Of course, I usually spin later in the day, because not as much concentration is needed. And absolutely yes, knitting is the best stress reliever that I know of. Not only do I get great satisfaction from finished a projects, it usually makes me want to cast on something new, and I have a long list of things I have waiting in the wings with deadlines - birthdays, special occasions, Christmas, etc. --S
The best I can do is knit in the wee bits of time I can snatch while, for example, standing in line at the post office. It does add up. Unfortunately, anything complicated often doesn't get done!
Hi Ruthmci,I just sent a message to Susan ,I also told her what I do ..Complicated patterns in the morning and easy knitting while watching tv{so am doing 2 things at once}...josie
A couple of months ago at a guild meeting, one of the older ladies asked me how I got so much knitting done... then she said when do you do your cleaning... I said, "Cleaning?"... then she said, "Well, that explains it!" - I thought in a rather discussed tone... LOL. --S
What housework? Is anyone doing housework? Oh, well ............... ♥c
I'm not... I pay someone to do mine! --S
I eliminated all the little knick-knacks that I had in my house,you can clean house quickly so you can get to the fun stuff,i.e.knitting....josie
I've eliminated a lot of those... yeah!... but DH has some things he apparently cannot live without... LOL. --S
I totally understand his position! I can't live without my stash, my knitting accessories, my _______ [insert anything fiber related here]....... ♥c


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