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Please join me for a UFO KAL Party
Christmas is drawing near and the UFOs are piling up. Let's get together and do something about while having fun.
All day Friday, all around the world, every time zone, so come and check in when you're around / have time. There are bound to be people around. And what's better than get together, have a great knitter natter and a party at the same time?!
I'm bringing coffee (so far) and will think of something else. Now all I have to do is go through those flying saucers (UFOs) and see which one wants to get caught and a little closer to getting finished.

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I do hope you feel better soon. And I hope all is going okay with your merger, too.

But yes, another KAL before Christmas next year is definitely a GO. I'm sure we'll find a host closer to the time. Sorry for making this such a short notice event this year. It's just been a constant up and down here. The hope for next year is that the ups and downs will even out a little and it will be a little easier going. I know it won't be smooth sailing - life seldom is.

Have a merry Christmas everyone.
About 12 years ago I did something like that while trying to clean the jacuzzi in our house in Texas. The orthopedist said it was from leaning over and arching my back to reach the other side. If I ever have to have a tub like that again, I will use it for storage and put a cushion on top with pillows so it looks like a couch.

Hmmm..... yarn stash?

sounds like a plan to me. I've actually had some luck lately in USING my stash..I guess that's why I was hoarding it all? Can't wait til Spring when I can get to more flea markets and buy

You really did hit the jackpot with it. Was that last summer or last year? I can't remember.

I actually have gotten quite a bit in the past year and a half. I There's a lot I haven't shared with the calss-so to speak, here's an example--

the man gave us the whole suitcase for 5$.  He had already gotten rid of 3 more before we got there..missed the boat on that one!

I just seem to be in the right place at the right time. I have passed some up--to the confusion of my DH. Sometimes it's just junky..the texture is too rough for me, or I just don't need any more white for heaven's sake lol. 

I'd love to be able to travel around to widen my chances. I have heard of a huge yard sale that extends through the southern states..anyone heard of it?




Well, I'm not sure, but there is a huge one in Texas. There are several in the same area all about the same time of year. The biggest one is the Marburger Farm Antique Show, but I've never seen yarn there. And there are a couple of places to stop on the way there or the way back. Although the pictures on the link make it look very hoity toity, there are still lots of dealers there that have just everyday junk. So something like a suitcase full of yarn could be found. There are typically more than 350 dealers. This is well publicized. People travel from all over the country to come to this event.


PS: I think you got a great deal there!






I found it Cheryl--the world's longest yard sale..could be fun!

I remember hearing about that!
Oh, Mary, that really sounds like fun!

doesn't it? and not just for the sales..the trip would just be neat..

I totally agree with that! That would be a unique trip of a lifetime.


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