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Forgive me if I did this incorrectly by starting a "New Discussion"; my first time in a discussion group.

I am afraid to join this group because I fear that if I join I will never be able to start another knitting project in my life (and I'm hoping for at least another 20-25 years).

That is, I am embarrassed to say, truly indicative of how many UFOs are haunting my apartment. And... I promised my mother I would knit this gazillion colored afghan for her for Christmas so she went out and bought all the yarns on the condition that I actually finish it. Of course I have started it.

So... I am feeling like I HAVE to join this group, WANT to join this group, WILL join this group and make every true effort to follow the spirit and "rules" herein. Just a couple of questions in clarification.....

Is ripping a UFO completely out considered finishing it?
Is giving a UFO to its intended recipient with the understanding that THEY will finish it considered "finishing it"? (I get my sister with that one every time)
And lastly, if I bribe the cat to drag it around the room and hide it does it remain an unfinished UFO or an "I would finish it if only I could find it" project?

In the spirit of full disclosure: I hate finishing work! My seaming is awful accounting for the myriad of sweaters left unfinished and while I have gotten much better at keeping track of where I leave off on patterns when I put them down I still frequently forget which size(s) I started.

Is there any hope or encouragement out there? I am ready for an intervention!!

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Bobbie, thanks for reminding me of this thread. I've just re-read:

>>>>>Iif I bribe the cat to drag it around the room and hide it does it remain an unfinished UFO or an "I would finish it if only I could find it" project?/p>

I'm really impressed at the creativity of that thought. If we'd all take that kind of creativity, channelled it right and got on with it, there wouldn't be many UFOs left. LOL

I am so glad I found this blog. I never heard of frogging until now, and due to the context, I was able to figure it out. It is a new concept to me and a GOOD thing - not a failure (changing my mindset after all those years of being a perfectionist - giving myself permission to let go of perfection has been so liberating...).

I just finished my beginning class project (scarf sampler and hat, although it still needs to be blocked) and working on another set - a reading/prayer/shawl and hat, and thinking about all the new things I want to start.

These posts have been so refreshing!


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