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What are you going to finish first? Let's see some pictures!!!

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Clueless!  That's for sure.  Clueless muggles IMHO - lol. 

I've been so hot this winter, that if, and that's a big if these days, I put on a pair of footies, you can tell exactly right where I was standing/sitting when my power surge spiked.  My DD was constantly laughing about where she'd find my quickly discarded socks around the house. 

LOL... I do stuff like that too... but not just with the socks... ROFL.  It was nearly 80º here today, and I have been roasting all day long.

I know what you mean.  Last night when I got home from knit night, I was roasting, so off came the clothes where ever I was standing.  Maybe I should rephrase that, my socks - still by the chair,  my jeans hanging over the kitchen chair, my blouse, well- I just didn't feel right sitting around knitting in my underwear, so I still ended up roasting.  lol

It wasn't quite that warm here today, but I was so happy to be able to wear my flip flops to spinning guild today.  Tonight, I've been fluctuating between freezing and roasting.  Hate these stupid power surges. 

I had to turn the AC on in the bedroom last night to get to sleep... my house is too well insulated and holds in all of that heat.

It has been unusually warm here, too. 


Thanks, Debbie, as a matter or fact, I whipped up these two cute bun covers for my oldest DGD who is a ballerina with seriously long hair... so a big bun...

30 yards of yarn and 2 hours of my time... = one delighted granddaughter:  Priceless!

Wow -Wee! love it.Nice work knitting those one's up!

OMGoodness Susan...just that is one snood and a half lol

This is your own pattern?..



Thanks ladies... even though the "idea" for these is original - I did not see another like it anywhere, meant for a bun on top of the head and not a pony tail cover... the patterns are the first 15 - 20 rows of lace shawl patterns, followed by about 3 rows of decreasing stockinette, followed by a row of evenly spaced eyelets, a knit row, and a BO... The purple one if from the Vortex Shawl pattern.  The black one is from the Radiating Star Blanket pattern.

Susan, you always manage to create such unique items!

Design from necessity... Right?


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