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Is this workshop still active?  I just bought the book and still have to pick pattern and buy yarn.  Was wondering if this was still active?

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as far as I know it is
thank you. I was seeing dates of 2009 so wasn't sure.
Well, it's somewhat active. I started my sweater... ummm, sometime this spring, I think. I'm taking it slow as I don't like to knit bigger things when it's hot out. But there are some new beginners here who occasionally responded to me and to others, so yes, I'd say it's still active.
I am working through the sampler, and have posted on this discussion. I got answers when I posted.
I sure hope it is on-going, as i never got to do nina's sweater class, but now and toying with the idea...someday....soon??? YOu see why i hope it is on going, i dont know if i will ever get around to it!!!
Jenny, I'm thinking of doing Nina's sweater class with my neighbor, probably within the next month or so. We're both relatively new knitters. Although I've crocheted since I as 13.
I'm still trying to decide on yarn. I'm thinking of doubling my strands (one dark brown the other a turquoise) but I"m wondering if that would make it more difficult with this being my first sweater.
As a side note I bought Lions brand Amazing yarn, and it's um, not. So it's going back. KP's selection is awesome and affordable... now only to decide.
I have a basic yarn question. I was thinking of doing my sweater in WOA Bittersweet Heather and Pallette Marine Heather... by double stranding the pallette yarn with a single strand of the worsted weight in Bittersweet. Any thoughts on this? Do you think the brown would overwhelm the blue? Do you think it will be difficult to work with a triple strand for my first sweater? I could use some advice. Thanks!
No I did a double strand cardi and it worked great. I am not good with colors so cant help there but it sounds good. Do a 4 inc or bigger gauge and see if you like the fabric you get - feel and color - I used to hate doing a guage swatch but I am now a great supporter of it, after doing ninas sweater workshop (still doing it - just joining the arms)
Susi that's awesome that you're still working on the sweater. I"m excited to start mine. Just gotta buy the yarn (I'm waiting until tomorrow). I definitely like Nina's take on doing the gauge. I def plan on doing it. So I guess that answers my question. :) I'll just make sure to buy enough of each color. I have this feeling I'm going to buy enough of each color to do a full sweater, using Nina's guide from the handouts. I think I'll probably have twice as much yarn as I need, but that's better than not enough. :)
By the way how much of each yarn did you use and what weight yarn? Thanks Susi!


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