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Would like to be part of a group that is working on a sweater at the same time - anyone interested in starting a pattern early in the new year.  My skills are somewhere between advanced beginner and intermediate.

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Finished the torso the other day.

Watched a video on how to cast on 2 sleeves on one magic loop and then sat down to figure out how my stripe pattern would work with the increases. 

The pattern works fine with the increases,  but the pattern is not going to match up when I get to the top where it's going to hit the yoke.  Not sure how I'm going to handle it.  I think if I add an additional 2 rows I can get it to match up... I think... :)  wish me luck! 

 How is everyone else's sweater coming along?

I am just starting the Sweater workshop class.  I will swatch this weekend.  I hope those that are doing this class will share pictures of their projects.  Are you finished, Natasha?
Thanks for asking LadyRay, I did finish.  And i've found that the yoke is huge. I may one day go back and frog it and redo the yoke but for now it will sit.  I'm thinking doing one of the short sleeved patterns in this summers KnitScene.  Something not quite as involved. Hopefully it'll turn out better!  It was my first, and I suppose it's the same as pancakes, the first one is always a flop. At least for me.  :)
There is going to be a NEW sweater workshop in 2011. You can sign up for it on Ravelry under the Knit Picks Group!! Sounds like fun!
I cannot find the workshop sign up on ravelry. Can someone please post a link? Thank You :)

It's on Ravelry under the Knit Picks group. It says "Sweater Workshop KAL". I just posted on it so it brought it back to the top of the group threads for you.


Maybe someone else will know how to link it here for you.

Thank you very much!
I'm relatively new to Ravlery and I'm obviously not looking in the right place.  Can you post the link to the workshop?  Thanks!!!

The KAL is in the Knitpicks Lovers Group in Ravelry and the thread is Sweater Workshop KAL - discussion.


This workshop is not Nina's Sweater Workshop, though, just so there is no confusion. This KAL is based on the Jacqueline Fee "The Sweater Workshop" book and will include her Sampler project first, followed with her Basic Sweater. The book is available from Knit PIcks in the spiral binding. This KAL is based on the original Knit Picks Community KAL for the The Sweater Workshop book that has been incorporated into this KAL. When I first came to KPC early in 2009, that KAL is what got me involved in the Community and lead to my finally knitting my very first ever sweater. :-)


It won't be starting until July so there is plenty of time to get the book and supplies and ask questions, etc. There will be links and lists for everything one needs to participate. Thanks for asking about it. I apologize that it didn't occur to me to post about it here myself. :-\

HELP I'm looking foe a sweater sampler knit along partner or partners!!!!!!!

The 16 inch circular seems too big though. Is it?

If you are talking about the Sweater Workshop book, by Jackie Fee, the 16" circular is not too large for the Sampler... you can just add more stitches and make the Sampler wider.


For sweater sleeves, a 16" circular might be too short depending on the diameter of your sleeves. DPNs or Magic Loop technique with a longer circular solves that problem.


The post above, from Feb 22, is about a KAL for Jackie Fee's Sweater Workshop which you are welcome to join if you'd like. We aren't starting until July, but if you can'f find a partner between now and then, you might consider that. :-)


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