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Would any of you be up for a Spin-In?  If so, when would be good for you?  What shall we do?  Please post your ideas and we can set it up from there.

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I'm always game!  Anytime, anyplace, anyhow!  I've got the Romney fleece to play with, along with lots of other fiberlicousness.

Well, nothing like a spin-in to get us in the mood for TdF, right?

I can't do it the last weekend of April (27th-29th) or the first weekend of May (4th-6th). 

The best weekend for me is the 2nd weekend in May (11th-13th) since I already have the 11th as a vacation day but any weekend (other than the two I mentioned) is ok with me.  :)

Oh yeah!  I'm game too!  :o)

I could do a spin in any day... just let me know.

I would love to play along!!  A yarn swap would be fun too!!

Now that would make things more interesting.

Now we're talking... what fun...

Sounds really interesting :)

I've never done a yarn swap.  What do you do exactly?  

Here is an example of some rules to a swap that I've been a part of:

This is the official sign up thread for participating in the handspun swap. For this swap we will be sending 1 handspun yarn. From the results of the poll, we will not be requiring any extras in these packages. All additional items in the packages will be special gifts that your swap partner has included. Please don’t feel obligated to send extras in your package, especially if funds are short for you right now. You package will be loved no matter what you send. :D

If you are going to participate, please post in this thread and fill out the questionnaire (at the bottom of this post). Once you have indicated that you are going to participate, I will PM you a separate set of questions designed to help me pair you up with your partners. Please fill this out as soon as you can once you receive it so that I can match people up! These partners will be secret, so don’t let it slip who you get paired with! :)

Sign-up and fill out the questionnaires by February 4
Partners assigned by February 6
Mail packages by April 14

When packages are mailed, please get a delivery confirmation number (except international packages). If there are any questions, concerns, or problems that arise with your packages, please just let me know and we can figure it out!


Survey to fill out in this thread:

Favorite colors/colors you dislike (specific colorways can be indicated, but please don’t expect that you will get the exact ones you ask for - give some examples of colors to help your partner out!)

Favorite fibers (superwash?)

Fiber allergies or fibers you would prefer not to receive

What weights of yarn would you like to receive? What handspun do you admire?

Would you be interested in novelty/art yarns? Coils, thread-ply, sparkles?

Any other allergies/concerns - foods, scents, animals, smoke?

Optional extras: 
Fibers you like to spin

What are your other interests/hobbies?

Treats? Coffee/tea, chocolates/candies, scents?

Anything else you think it would be helpful for your partner to know

Here is an example of what could be included in a swap package.  They're a lot of fun!!

Your handspun yarn (the only thing that's required of course).  All the rest were just fun goodies this generous person included.

All Plied Together Handspun

A fiber braid in favorite colors.
Two if By Hand Rambo

And adorable project bag!!!! 
Project Bag

And OWL STITCH MARKERS! I am in love with all things owl. 
Owl Stitch Markers

Or we could do RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness). That is what we do in the Support Spindler group over in Ravelry. There are 3 people who are keepers of the addresses. You send your address to the keepers if you are willing to participate. Then when someone has something that they think suits you and wants to send it to you, that person who wants to do a RAK sends a request to one of the people who keep the addresses. There is no obligation to participate. But so much fun to share what you receive. And so much fun to send!


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