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I'm still working on the Gaywool fiber:

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When this starts, it is usually a one-tissue per sneeze situation. Very expensive. Since there are usually at least 10 sneezes in a row with never more than a minute in between.


Well, I usually use one of the soft paper towels, such as Bounty. Otherwise I can go through a box in an hour or so.

Can't you just put tubes in to divert the snot down into your stomach?

OMG, if I did that I don't think I could keep it down.

The ultimate recycling! You wouldn't need to eat!

aloha all - before i head off to bed, i thought i'd post my current Work-In-Progress spinning. it's 2 oz of Cormo that I dyed up (was supposed to be Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, but the dyes broke on me, but it still was pretty). this particular wool came from a cormo farm which lightly processed the wool into roving so there are still bits of VM, etc in it. i had to stop a lot to pull out the VM and nepps to get a smooth yarn. it's by far the finest yarn i've spun with some parts being cobweb width!

i've got another 2 ounces to spin up then will ply them together. am hoping to be done by the spin-along on the 18th so i can spin something else!

Oh, Christina, That is gorgeous... I really need to spin finer.  You did very well.

thanks Susan - and thanks for the tip about the chair. i'm going to try others around my house to see if they work. i'm thinking one with a back would help.

So Christina, what did you think of spinning with the cormo?  I have a precious ounce or so that thus far I only think of as a pet...too precious for me to ruin with my newbie lack of spinning skill.

i really like it! it reminds me of merino with the density of polwarth - if that makes any sense. i'm going to try to match up the colors when i ply then up, so we will see how that goes. where did you get your cormo from?

See Christina!  I'm not the only one who thinks of her fibers as a 'pet' - SOL!  :o)


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