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I'm still working on the Gaywool fiber:

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Somewhat expensive as dog toys go - but sooooo worth it!  Besides, you get your very own fiber source!

I would like to convince the City of Houston that a sheep is just a lawn mower in disguise.

You mean they aren't?

They are, but the City of Houston doesn't see it that way.  We need to all send them letters saying that they ARE, and maybe, just maybe, they'll change their minds.  LOL

We can have Milch goats with a permit. But it can't be within a 100 feet of a resident, restaurant, school, church, etc.

I loved my goats... but I can see why they might not be great city dwellers.  The bucks are mighty smelly because of their disgusting personal habits.  That's as diplomaticallty as I can put that...

The does are a delight, friendly, sociable creatures.  And sooooo silly!  Better than television for entertainment in my opinion.

Dairying at home was one of my favorite things on the farm.  I miss that a lot!  I had three goats and made cheese, yogurt and had lots of great raw milk to drink.

And yet they allow barking dogs the size of ponies.  This city turned down a motion to have a small flock of hens... I can't help but wonder why we're punished for wanting to be more self reliant.

That may be a rant for another day...

So many things DO NOT make sense.

Indeed... but around here they do. I'm grateful for that!

I am so jealous of your SPINDLE spinning!  I just can't seem to get any consistency on mine.  But I love my wheels!

That is beautiful yarn.

My goodness.... thank you for the compliment!  Pre-drafting is my best friend for spindling... that and reading "Respect the Spindle" by Abby Franquemont.  The tip on accelerating the spindle by rolling it along my thigh has increased my speed tremendously!  I also learned to try different spindles... I do my best work on relatively heavy ones.  The clunky old Louets that I got for a demo do a darn good job, but my favorite is my Kundert.


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