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I just bought an Asford 24 inch Rigid Heddle loom and am really looking forward to weaving with some of my handspun (after a bit of practice first).  I also got the different sized reed heddles for all the different sized yarns.  From bulky weight to lace weight.  

I'm so excited to try something new.  Are any of you lovely ladies weavers?  Have you ever wove with handspun?  

This is the loom I got.

And I got all these reeds for it.

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I have a 24 inch rigid heddle Ashford too!  It appealed to me because the thought of using up bits of handspun sounded very resourceful.  I've had some fun weaving cloth that I have felted(plan on making into a bag), a plaid blanket throw (more like a shawl or wrap) and some small table runners.  My mom wanted to learn how to weave so I've loaned it to her and subsequently bought a small Cricket loom.  I love the Cricket loom because I can carry it anywhere I want to and even sit on the couch and weave.  I have done several scarves on this.  Don't be afraid to experiment.  Some of my favorite scarves are the ones I just randomly warped with different colors of handspun and factory spun bits that I had left over.  HAVE FUN!

Hi.  I am a weaver.  I started weaving as most people do with a loop loom when I was a girl.  Then I wove with a rigid heddle and had so much fun in 1980 I purchased my first jack loom, an Ashford with 4 shafts and 6 treadles.  I sold that one after a few years and bought a Beka 60 inch 8 shaft 10 treadles.  I weave clothing and blankets with that loom.  I added a 16 shaft table loom in 1985 to enable me to weave figures.  If I ever get someone to take picures for me I will upload photos of some of my pieces. In 1985 I won Best of Show in the NJ State Fair for my winter coat woven with handspun wool.  It still looks beautiful after all these years.

You are going to have so much fun!! 

Sounds wonderful!

Looks like lots of fun!!

Very cool, Bren. You might check out Ravelry. There is usually some talk about weaving in the Support Spindlers group and I believe there are weaving groups also.

Oh, what fun!  I might some day try my hand at weaving, but right now I have more than enough on my plate!  LOL

Enjoy your new toy!


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