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Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to share with you all that I have started a Team KP 2012 group on ravelry for the tour de fleece.

Since last year, I have progressed from only drop spindling to being completely addicted to spinning with a wheel! Won't you join me in the fun?

Here is the link to the Team KP group on ravelry:

Hope to see you over there :)

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I'm planning on it! Do we post here during the TdF?
I just signed up!

I'm hoping to but work has been keeping me really busy lately and July/August is starting to look even more busy.

I'll be spinning the Age of Aquarius fiber I just purchased at the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair.  If I, have time remaining then I'll start with the fiber Karen sent me this past week.  :)

Cool!  How is the Aquarius spinning up?  Was it BFL?  I can't remember now...

It is spinning up nicely and I think I'm spinning my thinnest yet with it.

It is 80% Coopworth and 20% Soy Sillk

This looks lovely, Becky!

Very pretty!  Do you have plans for it yet?  Just this week I finished my first project done all in my own handspun and I'm very pleased with it.  This wool came from one of my own ewes, back when I had my own flock.  Her name was Wiggly, and she was a Corriedale.  This yarn is a chain ply and it is about sport weight.  It is the Annis shawlette by Susanna IC from Knitty.

Here's the front:

And the back:


Pretty and special coming from Wiggly :)

Her name was Wiggly because she was ummm.... fluffy. ;)

That is beautiful, Karen. I love Susanna IC's patterns.

I haven't looked at any other patterns from her yet.  This is one that my Mom chose for her first bit of lace knitting.  We were going to do this together and she stalled out after a couple tries on the lace.  I finished mine, and volunteered to do the lace on hers, and then she'll finish it up. 

She's left handed, and is having some trouble with yarn overs... pretty new to knitting, so it was frustrating for her.  I've tried to encourage her to watch some of the videos here on Knit Picks, but she doesn't really want to knit in front of her computer.  Any suggestions?


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