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Do you have any tips for spinning? Any tricks you have developed to help you with the process of spinning or plying yarn? Or in fiber preparation? Share them here!

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I don't always spin evenly, so I tried out this trick to use when you're winding your yarn onto the niddy noddy before washing: Put your spindle or bobbin on a lazy kate several feet away--across the room is even better--and wind your yarn onto the niddy noddy. When the spun fiber is released from the tension in it's wound state, the twist spreads out, filling in the areas less twisted.
Thanks for the tip. I am going to have to try that one.
Wish I could remember where I heard about it so I could give credit!
Me to! I have a 1 yd n.noddy, but am thinking i might need a larger one to make the work of winding go faster. thank goodness KP sells them now :)
Just so people new to spinning know what we're talking about, the one yard refers to the size of the hank when you're done winding it. Mine is a two-yard one. That means that the stem is 18" and winding once around each of the four arms adds up to two yards. I need a smaller one for travel, so I have ordered the smaller one!
Another tip that I thought was great to know (Peggy, I think you posted this tip on another thread), was to use a bracelet or elastic band to keep your working fiber away from the spindle. I actually found a thick, loose plastic bracelet to use and it's very helpful. I would usually keep my elbow at a 90 degree angle with the fiber draping off my elbow to keep the fiber away from the spindle, but have developed shoulder pain this past week from this method, so the bracelet/elastic tip has been a god send. thank you!!
It's called a distaff. They're usually made differently, sort of a band that goes around the wrist with and adjustment to fasten. I think they were invented long before elastic. I like my little elastic bracelet, and it was a present from a special person, so it makes me happy to use it. Another thing you can do is throw e fiber over your shoulder, but your fiber has to be long enough, and it's hard to walk around like that. KnitterGirl39 made a knitted one with a little pouch. I think it's here.
She posted the instructions.
I want to knit that. I also found some cute wood beads today and might make myself a bracelet too.
More projects!
hehe.. I just saw that.
AhAhh! A use for those hospital bracelets they keep attaching to me when I go and get x-rays, etc.
I'll bet you have a collection! You could sell them to spinners!


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