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I've become very interested in support spindles. PickleSue, a/k/a PickleSoup on Ravelry, is the one who got me really interested in them. And on Ravelry there are lots of very experienced support spindlers.

Well, Susan, a/k/a fleegle on Ravelry, is creating a book, Fleegle Spins Supported, if you are interested in learning how to use a support spindle and would like to purchase Susan's book, please go to Fleegle Spins Supported and add to faves. This will give Susan numbers so she will know how many books to have printed. Once she has these figures, she will know how much she needs to charge for here book.

Please check out her blog here and her Etsy store here. You can find discussions about her book here. And you can find her YouTube channel here.

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Nice! Thanks for posting this. I have a tiny supported spindle.

Some of the support spindle makers have made tiny ones as ornaments. I so wish I had known so I could have gotten some.

Thanks for the info.  I don't own a support spindle, but a year ago October, I did purchase a rather small spindle that when you spin it, the 4 doo-whoppers (totally lacking the correct terminology here - lol) fold out and down.  It does not spin very well, so I use it as a tree ornament. 


Good description!  I guess that's what happens when  you stay up too late - lol.

You were probably thinking too hard. That's what happens to me when I do that.

Cute, Wendy. This is similar to Trindles. How interesting that the arms fold.


I haven't tried support spindles yet but am sure I will at some point.

I love to try new things. I just bought a couple of Jenkins Turkish spindles.

Can't wait to get them.

Susan. I don't have any of the Jenkins, but I do have some from Threads thru Time and Jeri Brock (some of them have been inspired by suggestions from our very own PickleSue, as well as a couple from KP. But these support spindles have won my heart even though I'm not very good at it.

Ok Cheryl .. What in the bloom IS a "Support" Spindle?!?!? How Do They Differ from Our Top Drop/Or Turkish Spindles???
Tara, until Cheryl shows up, let me give you my definition. A support spindle rests on something (bowl, floor or some other surface) while spinning, rather than hang in the air like a drop spindle. I have a tiny one, but some are quite large.
Ohhh Ok Peggy gotcha :)))) I've Seen PiX of them.. The Spindles and the Bowls to Spin them In.. Honestly wasn't Sure If That was Like an Old Cultural Custom Spindle..(like say Native to Maybe Peru or Brazil) I Really Wasn't Sure Who What or Why they were Used?!? Still Not Sure "Why" Some 1 might Prefer Those to Our Easy peasy Drop Spindles???


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