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Many breeds of dog have hair that can be spun.

Have you used dog hair for spinning fiber? Do you plan to? What breeds have you tried, and what problems have you encountered? Share your experiences here.

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I hane not used dog hair.  I just had to say that this is the cutest photo of a dog I have EVER seen.
I'll pass your compliment along to Sunny! She's a handful at home, but a great therapy dog! Very affectionate, cuddly and cute!
Some of you will remember my pacapoo, which was poodle combined with merino and alpaca. I only had short cuts from their grooming appointment, so I couldn't spin it alone. Here's the hat I made DH out of it:

It was 42% each white merino I dyed with Koolaid and black alpaca, and 16% poodle. I blended the fibers together using a drum carder. You can see how I did it in my blog post for November 9th ( ).

Here he is wearing it.

It's very warm, as you can imagine.
Not on purpose, but as my German shepherd dog feels it's his duty to inpect all things wool that enter the house a little bit of his fur gets in there anyway.  I don't think Duke's fur has enough kink to hold together as yarn.  So I will settle for hints of "His Grace" in all my projects.  The hat is great and I bet it's great in the rain as well.
Now, I know I'm loosing it. Sitting here trying to think which breed would be best to buy as a pet so that I can trim the coat every year to get more yarn for projects.  Please do not report me for such a thought I'll bet ages ago it was common among women to push for the dogs the had the best coats for making yarn so that they could keep busy during the winter months.
It beats taking a sheep for a walk!

I haven't actually spun dog hair, but my dogs shed enough to be able to make several hats!  Actually, my DH and I have been discussing spinning dog hair for longer than I've been spinning.  He has a friend who used to spin her dogs' hair (I think it was malamute).  I'd actually like to try it.  I have a Lab, a Golden, and a Hound.  The Lab and the Hound are shedding machines, but their hair is short - 1" or so.  The Golden has longer hair, but doesn't shed as much.  Since none of them (except maybe the Golden) like being brushed, it is hard to 'harvest' clean hair.  I can get LOTS from the floor, though! (LOL) 

I have heard of people spinning the hair of Goldens. My DSIL had a pillow woven from the hair of their first dog, Nicky, who was a Samoyed. a Friend spun it and wove it for her.
My DH's friend's dog may have been Samoyed.  I know he did have a friend with a talking Samoyed, but whether that was the same dog, I don't know.  Once, when my DH was at a cook out, he had the last hamburger and went around to everyone asking if they "want one?".  When he got to the dog, she said, clear as a bell, "wanwon"!  She got it.
Our Indonesian cat knew one word: "mau," which is Indonesian for "want." She only used it when she wanted something.
My cat wasn't Indonesian, but he said that word all the time ;)
Your cat spoke Indonesian!


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