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For those of you who don't know Kate has left Knit Picks and has also
left the Knit Picks community. She will certainly be missed.
Unfortunately when Kate left the community, it deleted any discussions
she had started. This was not her intention. So here is a new "Spinning Chatter"
discussion area. So please leave your comments here. In no
time at all, we will have this discussion filled with tons of
information. So if there is a comment that was discussed before and you
need a refresher please post again and someone will jump in as usual.

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oh - that's a good idea. i have an office chair on wheels but can lower down to the right height. i would probably need a pillow or support as well. thanks!

I have an old tractor seat that was converted into a three-legged stool. It is fairly low and my sister that passed away gave it to me. I know Susan's DH said it might put a strain on my back, but it doesn't. After all I'm not bouncing around on a tractor while sitting on it. I keep my back straight and I don't sit for long periods of time. I get up a lot and move around.

You can see my stool in the background.

Cool seat and picture! 

I too get up and move around. I use an old farmhouse chair that has a cushion on it while I'm spinning.  Sometimes I will use a small feather pillow on top of the cushion when I'm spinning for long periods of time.  I do try to make a concerted effort to pay attention to my posture, since it doesn't take much for my hands to go numb.  I like the idea of an office chair that you can adjust to the right height. 


ETA - is that a spindle 'tree' I see in the background?  Very cool!

I love your tractor seat!

Me, too! It's extra special to me because it was given to me by my sister that passed away.

great photo! thanks for the info.

Here at the shop I usually use my computer chair.  But I've also used the folding chairs I have.  They both work for me.  At home, I have a canvas outdoor folding chair that has an adustable back.  It is fairly low, so it's a good height for me.  My big problem with that one is trying to get the cats out of it when I want to spin!  LOL

I just had to share this with someone...I know at some point I had said that I hated plying...and have secretly been worrying that I am not a real spinner, because how could a spinner hate plying?  Anywho, this week I have been plying all the singles I spun for a sweater on my Matchless. It's like the difference between night and day!  Before this all plying had been done on my Louet S10...Yay!  I am a real spinner; I actually enjoyed the plying on my Merry Matchless!

Ah Beverly... the right tool can always make a difference. 

Boy, does it ever!  So enjoy being able to enjoy plying...squeeeee!

So I take it your 45 degree angle lazy kate came in? 

I'm happy for you!  And now just like Pinocchio, you're a real spinner!  No, not in the sense that you're a liar, but that he is a real boy! 

Funny 45-degree angle lazy kate is here, but I haven't been able to use it because I rewound three bobbins of singles onto my huge Louet bobbins that don't fit onto the new kate! So I put 2 of those onto the Louet's onboard kate and the 3rd on my Schacht barrel style kate...and it works just fine!  I am so very, very happy about i'm a real boy spinner...LOL!


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