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For those of you who don't know Kate has left Knit Picks and has also
left the Knit Picks community. She will certainly be missed.
Unfortunately when Kate left the community, it deleted any discussions
she had started. This was not her intention. So here is a new "Spinning Chatter"
discussion area. So please leave your comments here. In no
time at all, we will have this discussion filled with tons of
information. So if there is a comment that was discussed before and you
need a refresher please post again and someone will jump in as usual.

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Thank you, I'll try it.

Congratulations!  What a wonderful end to a lovely day!  (That's my opinion, of course.  But it sounds like you'd agree with that! =) )

Those fleeces sound like they'll be lovely to spin.

Hey, I'm having a really great time on Ravelry corresponding with Cowgirl. She is such a sweetie. Really twisting my arm to come for a visit.

I had such a vivid dream the other night:  I went to visit Nutty and Gang and I thought I had met all the tribe.  But as I was leaving, I realized I hadn't met Stretch or the Wee One.  Had to go back and find them.  It was so real, I almost believed it had happened!

Cloud Nine indeed!  2 lbs. of Cormo, blue-grey Merino, Rambouillet?  I am drooling all over my keyboard.  wonder how long a wait you will have for the mill to process?  Can't wait to see photos :))

oh! how i wish i could reply on my iphone because i was drooling when i read your post Elaine! how absolutely wonderful!! cloud 9 indeed! you'll have to post some photos for us when you get them back :)

You can reply on your iPhone. I do it on occasion. But it is more of a hassle than replying from my laptop. If you want me to give you details on how to do it, just send me a PM and I'll do my best at explaining.

It works like the iPad. You should see "Reply" at the bottom of the comment. Just tap that, and a message box opens up. I saved KP to my home screen, so it's like having an app for KP!

I can't believe I missed this thread!  What a wonderful haul you had.  An early Monther's Day present for sure!

hiya fellow spinners, i have a quick question for you - what kind of chair do you sit in to spin on your wheels? i have a low stool which is a great height for my legs to reach the treadles, but not very good for my back (I have horrific posture to begin with and find myself slouching a lot so my back aches after spinning). any suggestions for my weary back?  thanks in advance!

Christina, I am very finicky about chairs in general.  I have to sit up fairly straight, I use the office chair that I sit in when on the computer.  A good chair is a very important thing. 

Christina, I use an armless office chair on swivel wheels, but I have to use a lumbar support pillow with 3 different ones from Amazon...two of them have been very helpful and they were only $15 each.


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