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For those of you who don't know Kate has left Knit Picks and has also
left the Knit Picks community. She will certainly be missed.
Unfortunately when Kate left the community, it deleted any discussions
she had started. This was not her intention. So here is a new "Spinning Chatter"
discussion area. So please leave your comments here. In no
time at all, we will have this discussion filled with tons of
information. So if there is a comment that was discussed before and you
need a refresher please post again and someone will jump in as usual.

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Yes, Frances, this is very enlightening and interesting.  It teaches us a lot.

It sure does!
I think perhaps the country might be ready to take another look at Indian ways and admit that they have value and might solve some problems the people have today.
Hear, hear!!!
I agree!
I don't buy any books but knitting books.  My husband and I read a lot.  He orders books on the library web site and they call us when they are in.  I have more books on knitting than on lacemaking, beading, spinning and weaving combined. They're worth it to me.  Some of my knitting books are pattern books but most are techniques and stitch reference or instruction books, like the Shadow knitting I oredered this week.
Right now I'm not ordering any books for a while.. I broke that rule to get the Intentional Spinner - which I think I needed. I get books and audio books at the library ALL the time...I don't have an actual stitch reference, but several of the books I have contain a wide variety of stitch patterns. 
Yes, my DH sees the KP boxes and rolls his eyes, too.  He's good about it though.  He knows how much knitting helps me right now.  Most of the yarn I buy ends up as gifts for other people.  It's true that the books and needles are for me, of course, but I think he has resigned himself to the truth.  I will always be buying knitting things and that's it!! 
Then he is definitely a keeper!

It's been 37 years!  He should be used to me by now. LOL

We've been married 38. So I know what you mean. I think I have a keeper too!


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