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There was talk of doing another Virtual Spin-In like we did last March.  We decided to do it in February this year.  Let's see how much we spin this year compared to last year!  :)

I thought we would use the same guidelines we used last year.  I have included them below:

TIME OF SPIN IN: 12  Noon on Friday, February 10th until 12 Noon on Monday, February 13th.

Each person should use these times within their own time zone!  (For example: That means if you live in NY, spin from 12 Noon Friday EST to 12 Noon Monday EST.)

Each spinner should make sure to alot a full 72 hours of time!  That means if you have a time change during this event, please adjust accordingly!


1) First and foremost - Lets Have Fun!!

2) Post here in this thread, or PM me (Knittergirl39) with your:  Name - Time zone - Whether you will be using wheel or spindle.

3) Keep track of: Weight of the fiber before and after spinning (if possible) - Number of yards spun - Size of yarn spun (approximately!).

4) When you are finished post your results here by 12 Noon (your own time) on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15th.

5) If you can tell us how many hours you actually spent spinning, that would be great!!


PLEASE: If you aren't able to record all the 'measurements', especially the weight, don't feel that excludes you.  It's just a 'trivia' thing and we would much rather have people join in the spinning than worry about not being able to measure how much they are doing.  If you can at least measure yardage, we'll have a good enough idea from that.


Please, Come join us!

And to any and all who do - Welcome!!

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Oh, I think once Sam realized this is a new potential play mate, he will be fine with it.  I can see them being cohorts in crime in the future... DDIL will have her hands full. 

Definitely!!  And Sam will catch onto that pretty quickly, I'm thinking! =)

I think so, he is really a good kid.

I don't know! My Sam has never forgiven us for having other children and he'll be 32 this next September.

Really!??  That is a long time to hold on to a grudge like that! 

I didn't get my WPI, but I'm thinking it's DK-worsted.

Susan , what a cute little guy!

Elaine, Thanks!  We think he is cute, too!

Becky, a while ago you asked how much fiber it took to knit a sweater.  I saw my spinning guru last weekend and asked her.  She said 2 lbs if the fiber is in roving form.  3 lbs if it is raw fiber.  Hope this helps you. 

Thanks! That's good to know!

That's good to know Wendy, but it seems like that would vary a bit by what size the sweater is?

Beverly, I know what you mean, and had thought the same thing.  It would also depend on whether the sweater is very long, etc.  It's more of a jumping off point I think.  I know she was talking about a crew neck sweater, and I am guessing she meant for a sweater that was a size Large.  But what constitutes a L size sweater these days?  It seems things are always changing.  She is gone for the next 6 months, so I will try to remember to ask her for greater details when she comes home.  Try being the key word - lol.


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