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Hi, everyone!  I finally made a visit to the farm where the owner has Romney sheep and lots of fleeces for sale.  The fleeces weigh a minimum of 12 lbs each.  They are lightly skirted, but not washed, and have a lovely crimp.  However, there are no second cuts for al practical purposes.  I think I found 2 in all the bags I looked at.  He has black (I got a really gorgeous midnight black fleece), white and gray, and mixtures of all.  He also gave me a bunch of older fleeces that I can 'play' with.  I plan on starting with those to get some practice in before cleaning up the newest ones.  If anyone is interested in acquiring some, send me a PM and we can discuss it.

Dominick is British from Sussex, originally.  He has a beautiful farm, and a huge, gorgeous Tudor style house on the property.  There were 2 ewes in the 'maternity ward', one of whom had had twins (boy and girl) the night before, and one who gave birth to a little girl 30 minutes before we got there.  As we drove up the drive, there were 4 lambs on one side that came gamboling up to see us.  They also came over to the fence where we were loading the fleeces into the van.  They are so cute and so curious!

Here are some photos that I took.  They aren't great as it was starting to get dark, but you can see some of the fleece that I was looking at. 

Here is Taylor, a HUGE 2-yo female Great Pyrenese.  He also has another dog named Van, who looks like some kind of setter (black and white).  I wasn't able to get a photo of Van.

This is one part of the pasturage on the farm.  There are 2 black lambs and 2 white ones in the picture.  He's also got some chickens that lay green eggs.

Here is one of the current crop of white fleece. 

This is that gorgeous black fleece that I got.  It looks gray here, but you've seen black garbage bags.  The bag it is in is black, and the fleece is just as black.  Gorgeous!

Here you can see the crimp.

Here's the 1/2 hour old lamb looking for breakfast.  (You can see the umbilical cord still attached.)

And these are the not-quite-day-old twins.  Looks like their first day was a busy one.  They are tuckered!

Here is the welcoming committee gathered to wish us farewell!

Here is the haul.  I counted over a dozen bags.  The feed sacks and older garbage bags are prior year's clippings.  This year's fleece is in the newer bags and is gorgeous!


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Wowsers!  that is quite the haul, JO!  Wish I could be there to fondle your fiber...LOL.

You're not that far away.... c'mon down!

Thanks for the invitation!  Maybe when gas becomes affordable again (if ever).  You wouldn't know it from my sometimes crazy-spending, but I'm on a wee fixed income and driving is a luxury.  I've had my current car for ~ 30 months and have yet to put 1800 miles on it...LOL!

I was shocked when I did my taxes to see I had only driven 5200 miles for all of 2011. That is way down for me. But you definitely have me beat! 1800 in 30 months!


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