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If you have a favorite recipe (or several) that saves time, but is nutritious and tasty, please share it with us.

First some ground rules, to keep this working smoothly: Post your recipe in a new comment (in the box right under this that says "Reply to This." Then use the "Reply" button to add comments about the recipe or ask questions about it. Some chitchat is bound to happen, and that's OK. See a recipe you want to save? Just print screen or copy and paste to a new document. Try to keep your directions clear, and explain where to get any unusual ingredients. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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A Ravelry friend pointed me to a recipe he posted over there for Tamale Pie.  I made it this weekend and boy is it good!  I remember Mom making tamale pie when I was a kid, but it seemed a lot harder than this... she would prep everything and then bake it in a 9x13 pan.  But this one you bake it in the skillet or dutch oven that you have cooked everything in on the stovetop.  Saves baking time!  And clean-up!!  It's delicious, too.  :)

I added a can of black beans to the casserole part, pintos would be good too.

Hmm, sounds delicious!

OK, several years ago, there was a local cafeteria/restaurant that had a Taco Pie on occasion.  Theirs was very good.  There are several different ways I do this:  1)  Make a small pan of cornbread (8") and before baking, pour the filling (meat, onions, etc.) on top, and bake as usual. 2) Using a glass baking dish, mix up filling and pour into dish, top with shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream and them the corn bread mixture, bake until topping is done.  and 3)  Using a regular pie crust, line the pie pan or baking dish, then cover the crust with taco chips, followed by filling and then, cheese, sour cream and corn bread mix.  Each one is a bit different and has it's good points... and is absolutely fabulous for a quick dinner.   

I used to make a Crock Pot version, basically cornbread covering chili.

All this talk of Tamale Pie! The other day DH and I were talking about chili. He likes it with beans and I like it without. I said beans is the only thing extra added to chile. He told me I was wrong. I just looked at him. He said, "Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong." I just sat there. Finally, I asked, "What?" With a big grin on his face, he said, "Fritos. Tell me you've never had Fritos in your Frito Pie." I fell on the floor laughing. He got me again!

LOL! To me chili has vegetables, beans and sometimes TVP crumbles. Chili powder is a must! No meat, and no Fritos, LOL!

OK, I'll Bite.  What's TVP?

Textured Vegetable Protein

A protein substitute for meat

Thanks, Nutty.  I knew it had to be something like that, but I didn't know exactly what.

<------- gagging over TVP

Guess you won't be eating Peggy's chili, either! =)

You got that right! My chili for tonight definitely has real meat in it! I prefer it without beans but King likes it with so tonight I put beans in it to please him.


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