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Attention all Spin Along members! We are doing a Virtual Spin-in beginning May 18, 2012 at 12 noon your local time until May 20, 2012 12 midnight your local time.

During this Spin-in, we are going to have a spinning swap. It is not required to participate in the swap in order to participate in the Spin-in. If you wish to participate in the swap, please send me a Personal Message with your mailing address. DO NOT POST ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION HERE. KP IS VERY GOOD ABOUT KEEPING OUR PRIVATE INFORMATION PRIVATE. Every time we have a new member I have sent you a friend request. So if you have accepted my friend invitation, you can PM me with no problems. If you haven't accepted my friend invitation, just go to your friends list in the upper right hand side of the page and then click on Requests. Just accept my request and we should be good to go to send PMs to each other. IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SWAY, WHOEVER YOU ARE MATCHED WITH WILL BE GIVEN YOUR MAILING ADDRESS. The swap will be for one skein of your handspun yarn. It does not have to be the yarn you spin during the Spin-in. And if you wish to send your swap partner anything else, that is up to you but not necessary. Please note that any international members are welcome to participate so there could be international shipping charges which you could incur. IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SWAP, PLEASE SEND ME A PM BY MAY 12th SO I CAN MATCH PEOPLE UP FOR THE SWAP. Everyone who participates name will go into a hat. I will make a list of those participating, listing people as they send me a PM. I will draw names and list them to those participating in the order you notified me. This way it maybe that you have to send a skein of your homespun from someone different you receive a skein from. That way, I don't have to worry about an odd number of people participating.

I suggest if you participate in the Spin-in, let us know what you plan to spin and on what kind of wheel or spindle, how much you plan to spin, any new technique or new fiber you plan to use. This is not a contest and there will be no prizes. This is just a way to encourage you to keep a record for yourself.

Any questions? Post them here. Remember, the only stupid question is the one not asked. And remember, this is for fun and to help you improve your spinning skills. You set your own goals and no harm if you don't meet your own goals.

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I'll be spinning with my Kromski Sonata, as usual... I have several fibers to choose from:  Some red Ashland Bay Merino Top, white South African Fine, and some longwools in various colors... we shall see what strikes my fancy that weekend.

I will participate as much as I can.  That whole pesky work and sleep thing gets in the way.  I'll be using my handmade spindles and I'm hoping to finish up some called Sunflower.  Wish I could set loftier goals, but I tend to be rather slow.  I'd like to participate in the swap as well (I'll send a PM).  And I'm in NY so Eastern time.

Don't worry, Dawn, LIFE (i.e. work, sleep, etc) gets in our way sometimes too. 

I've got you down for the swap, Dawn. Just waiting to get your address.

I'd like to play too!  Can't do the swap - working third shift weekends means I won't get as much done as the rest of you. :(

Planning on working on more blended batts.  Some purple merino blended with gray Rambouillet/Finn to finish up some fun three ply I've been fooling with for a long time now.  I've got a finished skein that I can show.  The variegated ply is some handpainted Corriedale roving - I've got that finished.  The two plain plies are the ones I'm working on for the spin-in.  Eventually this will become a shawl to match a Steampunk costume I made a while back.

Karen, It is lovely... I'm a big fan of purples. 

Thanks! The outfit is crepe backed satin in purple with a grayed purple organza overlay.  Over top of the whole thing is a tailed corset with huge sleeves and a standing collar.

How fun!  I love this! 

Thanks!  Loved doing the blending... started out with gray and sampled - it grayed out the variegated ply too much so I went back to a color study I did and figured out how much purple to add so it would "read" purple.  I used 25% of the purple (and it is a screaming bright purple merino!) and blended it with a lovely Rambouillet/Finn in gray.

Well, it worked nicely and turned out very pretty!

Thanks!  I just finished up a dyebath of deep purple on some Corriedale for another blend I'm thinking of...

purple is my favorite color! i'm loving this yarn - nicely done!


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