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I just started working on a Baby Surprise Jacket with my Koolaid-dyed hand spun yarn:

What projects are you working on using your hand spun yarn? What have you made from yarn you have spun? What projects are you planning for your own yarn?

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Thank you all so much!

Where's the "like" button?

Bren, your shawl turned so lovely. I'm sure your Mom will be very pleased. I loved seeing how your yarn worked out in this pattern.

I can't imagine her NOT liking that!  It's gorgeous!  You did a great job dyeing, spinning and knitting it!

OK, this is NOT 100% handspun, but it IS original... it's a top down vest, in the spirit of the February Lady Sweater... using the Indian Cross Stitch for the body, in between rows of stockinette... all surrounded by lovely garter stitch.  I have some walnut handmade buttons in the works...which may be here by Monday, but the knitting is done NOW and I'm so excited that I finished it.  The fawn color is a mill spun alpaca, and the Indian Cross Stitch portion is handspun (by ME) alpaca/wool/silk... Also, I have a few ends that need to be woven in.

Susan, this is amazing!  I love it!  And I'll bet it will be delightful to wear as well. 

Ooh, that is really turning out nice!

Gasp!  That is gorgeous, Susan!  I sincerely lurve it.

Thanks Beverly, just wait until it is blocked and the hand made wooden buttons are attached.  I think it will be killer.  I plan on selling this... how much should I ask?

Goodness, I have no idea how to price seems to me that it is priceless!  I don't know that I could part with it :O

ETA: spelling, because I just knew someone would call me out on it :))

Tee hee... I solved that problem up front, and made this 2 sizes smaller than I am so that I CANNOT wear it.  LOL  My neighbor is acting as a model so that I know it will fit someone, somewhere. 

the fawn colored yarn was free (or nearly)...the other fiber cost me $15... and took about 2 days to spin.  The whole thing took a month to knit, but I didn't work on it everyday, so my time can't be measured accurately.

In my experience selling handmade things on etsy, you have to find the right group to pay the price that your product is worth. I can't sell my things (even the ones made from acrylic) here in Maine because no one will pay that much unless, like Cheryl says, they understand and respect the work put into it. Haven't found too many that do here. I think pricing is the hardest part of the process. It probably should be a $100 item anyway. There are shops on etsy selling sweaters for more than $150.  Good luck.


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