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Here's some yarn I've been spinning during lambing season.  It's 100% Romney from our own sheep and I've spun 3 full bobbins.  I spun it fairly fine to give me options as I didn't have a project in mind at the time.  I may make a 2 ply and use it for a shawl or 3 ply and use it for socks.

I'm down to my last ewe to lamb out so lets talk about having a SPIN-IN.

Here's a picture of some Rambouillet combed top that I just received back from processing.  I bought the fleeces a couple of years ago for $5 each  then had them processed this winter.  If shipping wasn't so expensive I'd send more fiber to be processed!

To celebrate the end of lambing (it's as good an excuse as any) I treated myself to 8oz of CVM that I found on ebay this morning!!  Aren't I bad!!

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It does. 

So do I.  I pre-draft before spinning so I guess that might help a little.

I had that problem with some roving I dyed this past summer.  My spinning guru told me to pull it apart and make small birds nests.  After doing that, it was very easy to spin.  If your roving is multi colors, you could pull those apart by the color and either comb/card/drumcard them or just loosen them up as I did.  Huge difference. 

How exactly do you make those bird nests?

Susan, here are a few links to help  you out.  I did mine by hand though.  I simply pulled off a length of roving, fluffed it up, and then started drafting it out.  When it was somewhat drafted, I'd break off a bit, then start drafting it out even more.  I was careful to keep it as even as possible, knowing I'd be drafting later while spinning, but it worked really well.  This link is from Beth Smith, the second one is from Ben Green. Let me know if this helps you. 

Thanks Wendy, Great links.  Really enjoyed that video, too.

Sounds like you have managed to survive the lambing season!

I said to my husband this morning that it's a good thing this wasn't our first lambing or it may have been our last.  We had a ewe that needed a c-section, 2 lambs that were stuck and had to be pulled, 2 lambs that were weak and had to be stomach tubed, a ewe that rejected her lamb, a breech lamb, a lamb that needed artificial respiration to get it breathing and 2 lambs that died shortly after birth for no apparent reason!   If our Jersey Cow calves without any problem I've got it made.  Of course Hubby doesn't like the birthing scene so its up to yours truly to handle all of these situations LOL.

Well, I'm glad you survived! And I can certainly understand how it might have been the one and only year if this had been the first.

Wow, what an overwhelming few weeks.  I would have been crying out of exhaustion and frustration and probably would have kicked my DH.  Glad you made it through!

OMG!  That seems like overwhelming bad luck and work!  I do hope your future lambing seasons go much more smoothly.  

Our cow delivered her calf yesterday and today she's down with milk fever - vet is on the way!!


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