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Here's some yarn I've been spinning during lambing season.  It's 100% Romney from our own sheep and I've spun 3 full bobbins.  I spun it fairly fine to give me options as I didn't have a project in mind at the time.  I may make a 2 ply and use it for a shawl or 3 ply and use it for socks.

I'm down to my last ewe to lamb out so lets talk about having a SPIN-IN.

Here's a picture of some Rambouillet combed top that I just received back from processing.  I bought the fleeces a couple of years ago for $5 each  then had them processed this winter.  If shipping wasn't so expensive I'd send more fiber to be processed!

To celebrate the end of lambing (it's as good an excuse as any) I treated myself to 8oz of CVM that I found on ebay this morning!!  Aren't I bad!!

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That is beautiful!  It looks so soft and yummy, I want to dive right in.  Nice job on the spinning-looks very consistent.  

I concur and second the motion of diving in!!  It's looks wonderful!  

Julie, Both are just gorgeous!  Great spinning BTW.

Thanks Susan, I am seeing more consistency in my spinning.

I agree.  Mine is more consistent on the singles, but once I ply it up, I can still see thicks and thins, but I guess that is the beauty of handspuns. 

Yes, that's when I notice it too.  I want it to look more like commercial yarn instead on "art yarn".

I guess it would be nice to make it more like commercial yarn, but once something is knit up using the thick/thin homespun looking yarn, it has so much more character and interest.  I'm really not trying to be "commercially" perfect... not sure I would like to knit with it.

Yes this is a goal on mine too.  I just got done with some purple and brown bfl that was really difficult to draft at times and as a result I have a more thick and thin type yarn.  I find that when it's really easy for me to draft I have more even spinning.

That's why I like using Romney, it's easy to draft and results in a more even yarn for me.  I have some bfl but haven't tried spinning it yet.  Is it usually a bit of a challenge to spin or was it just that particular fiber?

BFL is usually very easy to spin but I think that the fiber got a bit too felted in the dye process.  The colors were so pretty that I went ahead and spun it anyways.  I like the way it turned out in the end.  I think it will make an interesting hat or maybe a lacy summer scarf.

I've never spun with Romney before.  I'm adding it to my list!!

I think most fibers are easy to spin until they are dyed.  Even a small amount of felting will make the drafting harder.  That is why I like dyeing my yarn after I spin it. 

I think if you fluff your dyed fiber before spinning it can really help a lot.


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