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Just wondering out of curiosity what fiber you all enjoy spinning the most and why?

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I enjoy wool and specifically Merino and Romney the best.  I think I would enjoy silk more except that  I can't get my hands smooth enough so they don't snag the fibers. 

I love all the fibers I spin, but for now my merino/silk blends, and targhee are my favs.  I also enjoy my alpaca fibers, though I don't spin as much of this as I would like.  I have some Polwarth and South African Fine on hand that I'm dying to try out... I may have to change my mind after these... LOL 

I agree with Susan. Anything I can spin - though BFL is really nice.

i love merino blends like merino/bamboo, merino/nylon, merino/silk, merino/tencel - love the feel and the shine you get with tencel and bamboo. targhee is super bouncy too! i've just started spinning cotton roving and that is super soft!  i have some cormo coming in and i can't wait to try it out since many here like it.

Christina, did you say Cormo? It is super soft. The Maryland Sheep and Wool is the first weekend in May. I might be looking at a Cormo fleece then. Or a CVM/ Romendale fleece.

I enjoy Merino, Merino/ Silk/Bamboo, Polwarth, BFL. My family won't wear coarser wools so I don't waste time spinning and knitting them.

I have not found a wool that isn't fun to spin... they are all nice, but I find myself sticking with the next to the skin wearables for most things.  I recently acquired some Polwarth, but have not had a chance to work with it yet... it's next up, after I finish the 6 oz. of alpaca, and 12 oz. of mohair/long wool blends sitting in the wings. 

I have only spun a little bit of Cormo, and would love to get more of it.  My DD spun and dyed some Cormo for me for my birthday, but there is nothing like spinning it yourself.

I have so many things I want to try, and so many ideas... there are just NOT enough hours in a day for all that I want to do.

Susan - here's a photo of my dyed Cormo, along with the 'matching' yarn. I had dyed the yarn first when the dyes were warm, then dyed the wool after the dyes cooled. They started to break almost immediately after I painted them onto the wool - curious. Even more interesting, I used 2 acid dyes and 1 fiber reactive dye (normally used for cellulose fibers) and the yarn came out nicely. am thinking i might try dyeing another wool in this colorway this weekend. BTW, this colorway is CoffeeBean & TeaLeaf, after my favorite 'mainland' coffee shop.

Christina, That is lovely...such nice rich colors... it's amazing how the dye reacts in different ways.  Never a dull moment.

Wow, that's amazing how that spun up - beautiful!!

oh sorry i confused you. i haven't spun up the cormo yet but used the same dyes on some laceweight yarn. the yarn came out completely different than the cormo! i was about to spin the cormo this evening but brought out my blending hackle instead . . .

That is gorgeous!  Can't wait to see the Cormo spun up!

Yes! I have been looking for a while for some Cormo because I hear it's wonderful. I found an 8-oz listing on etsy so grabbed it. Oh! I forgot about CVM! I want to try that too. I agree with Susan - so many things to try!


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