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Drooling over what (?!?) spinning item (spindle, wheel or fiber) lately??

Ok.  I'm sorry.  :)  I'll say it loud and clear up front.  This thread is for things you want.  Don't have...  WANT.  Lol.  And those who don't want to be enabled don't have to come here.  Heehee. (But I know you want to...  :)  and I hope you don't stay away.) 


Today the craftsman behind Bristlecone Artisan Heirlooms posted the pictures on reply number 2153 and 2159 HERE today... and I nearly fell off my chair.  It is lampworked glass on the support end of a supported spindle.  These are just prototypes.  They aren't even available to purchase.  But I swooned and had to catch my breath.  I volunteered to be a tester.  :)  I adore the look of these and I really am not impressed with the similar shape/style of the ceramic Ann Grout support spindles.  Go figure! 


Share the lovelies you're drooling over.  We all want to drool with you, too.  :) 

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Azul means blue in Spanish. It can be a boy's name in Spanish. It is a unisex name in Arabic, but does not translate from Arabic to English. [At least, Google Translate does not translate it.] The demon in Ghost Busters is Zuul.

Moving this over 1.  :)  I LOVE the name Azul.  I once had a Chinese fighting fish named Azul ______.  and the second name was the Chinese word for blue- but I don't remember it now.  :)  Oops.  So his name was 'blue blue' - my Chinese boss made fun of me, but I thought it was cute.  :)

Stay on the high ground!

think a lot of us would have to borrow your 5th wheel, so  much to carry. no yarns etc left behind. Irene


We have a small one—24'—but there's a lot of storage space if things aren't heavy.

Wow with the fires, etc all over think you are right, will be hot and dry, hate to think of the water bill. Irene


Is it as dry up your way as it is down here? I couldn't find out what your rainfall has been in Coriscana but it looks you have a 40% chance of rain for tomorrow night.
I wish I could share!
I don't blame you for wanting to share.
Me, too!  We have plenty!!!
We'll take it from wherever we can get it.
I wish I had a huge long pipe... I would hook you up!


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