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Are you blending fiber for spinning? What fibers are you blending? Do you blend for color or for fiber content? What method do you use?

I plan on using my drum carder to blend some merino roving with alpaca. Just for fun!

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It's wonderful and appreciated! Now I'm looking forward to (as in excited about) my new homemade hackle DH has promised me when it gets warm enough to do carpentry outdoors.

Did your DH finish your hackle for you?  I'd love to see a picture of it. 

Yes! I got the parts for Christmas last year and the labor this year, LOL! I'll try to get a photo. It isn't tidy, but it works!

The "works" part is the important part!  I got to use one of these in Oct. at a class I took.  It was so much fun, and I loved the results I achieved. 

This line of talk is dangerous for me...yet another tool I really, no, no, must be strong and act like a responsible adult :(

That does look like a lot of fun!!  Your 'combed top' is beautiful!!!  I love it!!  The green is scrumptious.  :)   Will you use the little short ends that are left for a needlefelting project or wet felting or something?? 
Not sure - was going to try to spin it first to see if I can...

Becky - these are really nice!  It looks like you had lots of fun doing this.  :o) 


And I am glad you posted lots of pics, I think everyone really enjoys looking at other's creations. 

Thank you - I did have lots of fun!  I have had my blending hackle for over 6 months and finally had no excuses not to do it - was a bit nervous - didn't want to mess it up or anything.  But since I learned how to use a Diz last month, I ordered one and it came in yesterday's mail.  So I went to it.  :)  Glad I did!  That was only 1 of the 4 packages of the KP fiber I got.  I plan on playing with the different colors and spinning/plying in several ways to see what I like best.  I'll keep you all posted as I do it so you can see.  ;)

Becky, you can sometimes card the leftovers, if they aren't too short or pilly, and then spin them for a project that doesn't take much wear and tear.  I know that's what Deb Menz does/suggests in her color blending classes.


ETA:  Found the Yarn Harlot's blog post about her class with Deb Menz at SOAR last fall and what they did.  You have to scroll down the post to get to that part, but I enjoyed the whole post.  (Especially since I couldn't go myself! =(( )

Thanks Nutty!  Checking that link now.  :)  I don't think the fiber is any shorter than the rest, it is just what was left over on the hackle after Diz'ing...  I think it just need to be re-combed to get the fibers to all go the same direction again...
Nutty, thanks for the link above.  I just spent several hours looking at one thing and then another.  That was enjoyable!


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