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There was a little talk over on the Spinning Chatter discussion, a simple query of how much yarn 'we' could produce if we all got together for a few days.  Since this 'gang' of spinners is spread out all over, we aren't able to meet in one place, but we have a great idea of how to overcome the odds and accomplish the feat anyway! =)  We're going to get together via KPC and Spin Away!  A Virtual Spin In!


I have listed the guidelines below and have taken into account our different locations and time zones.


TIME OF SPIN IN: 12  Noon on Friday, March 25 until 12 Noon on Monday, March 28.

Each person should use these times within their own time zone!  (For example: That means if you live in NY, spin from 12 Noon Friday EST to 12 Noon Monday EST.)

ETA:  Each spinner should make sure to alot a full 72 hours of time!  That means if you have a time change during this event, please adjust accordingly!


1) First and foremost - Lets Have Fun!!

2) Post here in this thread, or PM me (Nutty4Knitting) with your:  Name - Time zone - Whether you will be using wheel or spindle.

3) Keep track of: Weight of the fiber before and after spinning (if possible) - Number of yards spun - Size of yarn spun (approximately!).

4) When you are finished post your results here by 12 Noon (your own time) on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30.

ETA: I forgot!!

5) If you can tell us how many hours you actually spent spinning, that would be great!!


PLEASE: If you aren't able to record all the 'measurements', especially the weight, don't feel that excludes you.  It's just a 'trivia' thing and we would much rather have people join in the spinning than worry about not being able to measure how much they are doing.  If you can at least measure yardage, we'll have a good enough idea from that.


Please, Come join us!

And to any and all who do - Welcome!!


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Nutty, Thanks for getting the Spin In going...  I love these things.. I'll be spinning with my Kromski Sonata and am in the EST zone... I weigh and measure all of my yarn for my own purposes, so that will be no problems.  Can't wait for all the spinning fun to begin!  Spin On!!!
Oooo, Nutty I will be there as well, provided DH isn't having surgery then.  This should be fun!  And I'll be using my brand new (to me) baby - The Shirlee B, a Lendrum DT.  I'm also in the EST, but measuring weight will be a problem, no scale.  I do have a niddy noddy though, so I can measure the yardage. 
It's okay, wendy!  Yardage is fine!
Yea!  The first on the list!
I'm always early to the party... I've been spinning all day.. what can I tell you!  LOL 
Sounds like you already have us all beat!!  Good thing it's a spin IN and not a contest!! LOL
If it were a contest, I'd lose... No doubt in my mind. Now to get my fiber organized for the big event!
I like your enthusiasm!  Preparing already!
Hi, I'm Cheryl and I'm a fiberholic. I'm in the Central zone. I plan to participate. I'm so glad my iPod has a timer on it. Now if I only remember to use it!

Shaking!  CaN'T TYPE!

Glad you're joining us!! =))

Count me in! I have no idea where I'll be, or if I'll have internet, but I will have my wheel (Kromski Sonata) and my drop spindles (KP and Golding Tsunami), as well as my camera, so I can post afterwards. We will be in Death Valley that week and will either be there or driving that weekend. I may be able to run into a MacDonalds or Starbucks when we stop for gas. I'm in the Mountain Time Zone. I'll have to look up Death Valley, but I think it's probably in the Pacific Time Zone. Hmmmm. Does that mean I have one hour less to spin?

If we can't 'hear' from you along the way, we'll be eagerly awaiting the 'unveiling'!!

Let's see....Death Valley?  Doesn't that mean you'll be crossing time zones on the trip home?  Make sure you give yourself all the hours alotted!!  Which, I think, should make you finishing at 1:00 pm our time on Monday!


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