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I've been socks on dpn's for quite a while, and would like to do two at a time, but don't know which is the easier method.  I've ordered 24" circulars and already have the 40" circular, so any advice is more than welcome.

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Um, I think (someone correct me if I'm wrong) if you want to do 2 socks on the **same** needle, you have to use magic loop. I've done this method, and I've found it very doable and useful.

If you mean having a sock on each of 2 needles (switch off from 1 needle to the other), you can do that. I'm not sure, though, that the 24" would be short enough to do one sock. You might have to use magic loop for that also.

You could also do 2 socks on 2 circulars (the fronts on one needle and the backs on the other). I am currently doing this with 1 sock, and I would think you could do it with 2-at-a-time.

I have had a problem with 2 at a time socks with the 2 balls of yarn getting snarled up. I bet someone has an answer to that problem now.
I've tried both ways and have ended up knitting my socks one at a time on a circular needle the Magic Loop way. When I used two circular needles I ended up using the wrong néedle or wrong ball of yarn at some point.

I learned to do the two needle method through Queen Kahuna (google for her site) and she has tons of hints. I'm pretty sure there are others out there using the same methods in other books.

Xo Susie
The trick with knitting one sock with 2 circs is to have the 2 needles be a different color. Then you knit from pink to pink, and blue to blue.. Or give the needle you are knitting TO a little extra tug and be sure the other end is the same one you are knitting From.
I've ended up with both sides on one needle...sort of like ML. Oops! An easy fix, though.
Everytime I try 2 at a time yarn is a tangled mess. So one sock on two circs and second sock on another set of 2 circulars. I avoid magic loop. Just dont like it.
I'm just starting a pair of socks two-at-a-time with one needle.  I'm surprised that I like it, since I had tried earlier with two needles and it made me crazy (crazier?)!  The only gotchas are keeping the yarn from tangling and remembering not to continue knitting with the yarn from sock 1 when you're onto sock 2.  Some people put their yarn in a plastic bag and turn the bag to keep the yarn from tangling.
As you can tell, different people like different methods. I've tried them all, and I can do each easily. I prefer one at a time on two circs. That doesn't mean that method is better. I recommend trying them all and deciding which you prefer. Usually with knitting, there is more than one good way to do things. Investigate them all if you're so inclined and pick what you enjoy the most. (It comes in handy knowing the other techniques in case you're stuck on a desert island with only the tools for one of the techniques not preferred by you.)
I am stuck at Camp, with exactly ONE 16" rather stiff circular and I wanna do Sox now!! I have 3 Harmony circs at the house and will have to wait 2 weeks to fetch them!!
It is not like I have nothing else to do in the meantime!!
Hmmm... Can you ML with a 16" circ? Maybe go knock on flaps until you find two 24" circs or one 32" circ in the right size?
I recently finished 2-at-a-time-on-2-circs. Hated it. Two balls of yarn, four floppy needle tips. Stopping at the end of every needle to slowly move needles, balls & lines to keep them from tangling. My technique was lousy. No speed. And absolutely NOT portable. The weight of the needles made SUCH big side ladders on the socks, which fortunately blocked out completely, but had me a nervous wreck for some time. A salesperson at a yarn shop said how wonderful it was, so I tried it. And I'm glad I did. Once. But it is not for me. I love the portability of my DPNs, tucked into my mini-bag in the tote bag I carry daily. I will try Magic Loop later this fall when I have relaxed from my irksome experience. It was nice to have two socks at once. (Ta da!)  So I am going buy another set of Harmony DPNs to knit tandem socks, cuff-cuff, leg-leg, etc. Then I'll still have 2 at a time completed. The other knitters are so right about there being room for all styles of sock knitting. I need to try them all so I never have to wonder if there is something "better" out there. If Magic Loop likes me, I may keep one cast-on at home plus a pair of DPNs in my purse. I don't think I can stuff a long circ in my mini-bag for portable knitting. Do any of you experienced Magic Loop knitters have any issues with portability or suggestions? (And isn't it cool to have so many choices?)
You can still do two at a time with dpns. The simple way is with two sets. Knit one cuff to the heel. Knit the other one to match. (Or you can work one row of each at a time, alternating.) Knit the heel of one, then the heel of the other. Then do the foot of each and then the toe of each. Or for toe-up, just reverse the process. My second sock goes faster than the first, because I get excited to have them finished, but if you have Second Sock Syndrome, two at a time is something to try.


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