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Does anyone know if these are toe up socks?

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I can't say i know is this the one you are on about

I must say it not very good of the description when it don't say, myself i always think unless it states it is cuff down

Sorry i can't help more

Hugs Janice


Yes, Janice, that is exactly the one I mean.  Doesn't give much actual description of the construction, does it?  Nice sock, I might like to try it, but I really prefer toe up!

Thanks for your reply :)



It's really not important if the construction is toe up or cuff down what is important is if the pattern can be done toe up.  If you make a call to KP they might be able to tell you or you can take a chance and go for it and just adjust the pattern to toe up. Happy knitting ladies.

I am the opposite i prefer cuff down can't seem to grasp the toe up method

Hugs Janice

my sock pattern, cuff down, like it and stick to it, Irene
I've been taking a close look at the pictures and I'm thinking it's a cuff down pattern based on stitch orientation.  But that's just a guess.  Calling Cust Serv is really the best idea! =)

Well, it looks like toe-up to me. At least, my toe-up toes look like the ones in the pic. But the very good news is, you can probably make it either way! If you prefer cuff down, do the cuff and leg first per the instructions, then when you get to the toes use a pattern you already have; and if you prefer toe-up just use your favorite toe-up cast on and so on. The heel is done the same regardless of the direction you're going when you get to it (btw, I like.the look of that heel!)

It looks like a very nice pattern, too bad it's not free, as I'm on no-buy (it's not like I have no patterns or yarn or needles already, I am blessed with plenty!)

Hope this helps!


Hugs, Theresa

I called customer service (and read the Ravelry pattern page).  They are top down.

Thanks everyone :)

And I was just getting ready to pop in and say they are definitely top down!


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