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I started some blue socks using Knit Picks Stroll hand painted in "Lullaby." It's a tonal yarn with shades of bright blue to almost purple. As you can see, it often gives you stripes. With my usual vivid imagination, I've decided to call them the Lullaby Socks.

The pattern is K2, P2 rib every other rnd, alternating with a rnd of straight K. 

What's your current sock project?

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Jeffrey, I love them!!!

That is a lovely sock.  Mine will not look that good.  I am using a simple pattern that someone on here recommended.  I am still working on the toe increases but will soon move on to the foot.  I am using a turquoise stroll sock yarn that is on the thin side.  Next time I will use a better yarn.  I am determined to finish this pair though. Thank you for the KAL info Peggy.  It sounds like fun.  Carol

Thank you Peggy for the KAL lesson.  I am working on my socks and they are looking better.  I think part of my problem is the yarn is kind of thin.

Okay, I have a weird question.  I am making my mom a pair of Rick socks from Sock Innovation and the pattern is a mirror image where I use ssk on one leg and k2tog on the other.  I used a 2.5mm on the right leg after trying my usual 2.25mm (which was too tight) and 2.75mm which was too loose.  I completed the right sock and started the left sock.  After about 3 inches I tried it on to check if it was too tight or too loose and it was really loose.  I frogged it and am going to start over, but I'm not sure if I should change to a different needle or just start over with the same needle and see if I was just really relaxed when I was working on it before.  Could the ssk rather than the k2tog affect the gauge?

Hi Dawn - i think the SSK and k2tog are basically the same decrease stitch, just one leans to the right, the other the the left. i've found that checking my gauge every couple inches or so really helps with consistency. the fingers in my left hand sometimes get sore/swollen if i knit too much so i've had to put knitting down for a day or so otherwise my tension is off and i'll have some parts that are too tight or loose.

i'm thinking it's good to stay with the same needle size for both socks just because you might end up with one sock larger/wider than the other since the stitches will be different sizes - hope that makes sense.

I have learned to keep checking gauge, took because it can change.

I checked gauge every couple inches on the first sock and that's how I figured out that the second one was way off.  I'll try starting the second one again.  I did most of it at knit night so I was pretty relaxed.  I'll just have to make sure I do all of my knitting on the sock at home where I'm stressed out and strangling my yarn rather than my family.  ;0)

That's probably a better choice.

I find that my gauge can loosen up after I start a project. It depends on how stressed I am. And since knitting relaxes me, hence the looser gauge as I knit.

Don't know if anyone answered this yet, but the heel is called "The Eye Of The Partridge", a very easy 4 row repeat and it looks really great with the hand painted types of yarn, so pretty Peggy!

I had to share my summer learning on socks. I bought a bunch of sock yarn that was on a great sale. Wool and cotton. I have discovered that I love toe up socks. No toe seam and the bind off on the cuff is much looser for me than casting on the cuff. There is my first lesson. Second, there are many ways of doing a toe up cast on! I like the figure 8 and also the magic loop even though I use DPNs. Next I tried a heel in the pattern I started but didn't like the way the short rows were made. I found another short row heel I liked better; but doing more searching I then found a heel I liked to knit but didn't like the triangular shape so on to more searching. I then found a heel that Cat Bordhi does called the Sweet Tomato heel that I tried and absolutely love it. There are no seams or holes to it. Now I do like the double knit patterns on the heel flaps of cuff down socks and went searching again and on a website called I found a heel she does with simple short rows, no holes, and you can use the eye of the partridge or a pattern on the heel. Amazing what one can learn, when one has to have the perfect sock. I found all of these in doing 2 pairs of socks. I also found that the gauge for cotton sock yarn and wool sock yarn are different (at least for me). Probably I bored everyone to death, but I felt like I really learned a lot of new things this summer. I knit in a group at my library and when I showed them my toe up, they were very intrigued and wanted to start socks. It's sock city here.

Not boring at all! 

I've been interested in the Sweet Tomato heel as well.  Do you have a picture of your's you could share?  I find it rather amazing just how many ways one can go about creating the perfect pair of socks.  Keep up the good work.  :o)


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