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I started some blue socks using Knit Picks Stroll hand painted in "Lullaby." It's a tonal yarn with shades of bright blue to almost purple. As you can see, it often gives you stripes. With my usual vivid imagination, I've decided to call them the Lullaby Socks.

The pattern is K2, P2 rib every other rnd, alternating with a rnd of straight K. 

What's your current sock project?

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Lol, love your logic! 

Those are quite interesting and quite handy I'd say.  I know you said somewhere on another thread that you re-skeined your yarns, but refresh my memory of why you do this please!

The top one reminds me of the click reel my spinning guru friend has.  It makes 2 yard skeins, and after every 10 (I think) turns it 'cllicks', signaling a measurement of 20 yards has been reached. 

no problem! so, after dyeing some yarns (especially KP's merino lace) tend to stick to itself so re-skeining un-sticks the yarn. also, if i dye in blocks of colors and i re-skein in a different yard circumference, then the yarn looks prettier. here's a before and after of Ahi Poke. Here is it before re-skeining:

and after:

i think the AFTER gives you a better indication of what the yarn colors looks like.

my current reskeiner has the counter at the bottom so that's handy in knowing how many yards of yarn i've spun. if it set the pins to 2 yds, then 1 'click' = 2 yds. when i want to use it as a swift, the counter swings out of the way (no clicking) so that's a cool thing too.

That is awesome.  I had no idea that re-skeining would completely change the appearance of the yarn.  And you are totally selling me on the skein/swift winder.  I've been having issues with my shoulder and using my niddy noddy just kills me so my finished yarn just sits on my plying spindle until I can face the pain.  This seems like it would be less stressful on my poor old achin' bones.

Thank you.  A picture really is worth a thousand words.  These two pictures are gorgeous btw.

Dawn - I used to use my KP niddy noddy to re-skein and when I had to do multiple skeins of over 400 yds, it was hard on my arms. When I started dyeing lace weights (800 and 1300 yds!), I thought the re-skeiner was necessary or else I'd be spending $$ on medical bills! You still use your arms to crank the 'wheel' but not nearly as much as using a niddy noddy - plus I alternate left/right hands so it's not the same hand doing the turning all the time. Crazy Monkey also has an electronic re-skeiner that can do it in like, 90 seconds. Drool.

Thanks Wendy - glad you like the photos :)


Looking at these pictures again, I can't decide which one I llike better.  But then again, my eyes keep going to the one on the top, so that must be the one.  This is really gorgeous yarn! 

Next weekend if all goes well, I'm going to another guild's meeting.  There has been a man there who makes electronic,  counting swifts.  I can check with him if he is there, to see if it will also re-skein the yarn.  I only talked with him briefly last June, and all this was so new to me then, I'm not sure what all his will do.  I can check for a price too if you'd like. 

All I have is the niddy-noddy DH made for me out of PVC pipe. Once around is two yards.

Cool! Or should I say cool beans for Wendy.

Hehehe - I was thinking the same thing - lol. 

I have two options when buying a hank of yarn.  I have a swift and ball winder at home for the yarn I buy online and if I buy yarn at my LYS they will turn it into a cake for me.  Before I had a swift at home I brought my yarn to my LYS and they would let me use theirs.  If you have that option it would save on the tangled frustration.  I admit that I do love the Confetti as well.  

If you haven't tried toe up before, I found that was really handy in making sure that I have enough yarn.  I just knit the foot, turned the heel, and worked the leg until I was getting low on yarn, did a few rows of ribbing and was done.  

Those look great!


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