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Hi all - I just got into knitting socks this year and oh so much fun. Here are my latest - plaid - who would have guessed you could knit plaid socks and with a color twist as you can see. :) My question to all of you is: I am making wool socks now and love the feel of the yarn BUT I live in Florida and want to make some socks for myself. What types of yarn are you all using for socks that will wear cool? I am thinking all cotton will not be stretchy enough. Love to know your thoughts.

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I've made a pair in Patons' Grace sock yarn, which is cotton. It stretched out once on the first wear and just hasn't bounced back, so I'd say not that yarn but I don't know if that holds true for all cotton yarns. I'm curious to see what other people say. I live in Central Texas, which means the heat is about to be a problem here as well.

The one yarn I have tried and seems to be OK is Knit Picks Comfy Fingering which is 75% pima cotton and 25% acrylic but it is only available in solid colors and I would love to find something similar in self striping and hand painted or varigated colors.

I was thinking of making a pair of men's socks as a gift in Comfy. How does it wear? I made myself a shawl in Comfy and love the softness against the skin and wonder if it is too soft for socks which get a LOT of wear. I have found that even washable wool tends to mat at the ball of the foot and wears out at the heel after relatively few wearings/washes. In the past I have used Berroco Comfort which has a lovely drape and hand and lasts forever but has a very limited palette appropriate for men.

I really like the felici and chroma fingering yarns.  They are both a wool/nylon mix and Yes it gets pretty darn hot where we are in Calif.  I get the coolness by making very short cuffs -- tennis sock length -- and using a lace patter on the insteps so  more air circulates.  I haven't found a cotton yarn that holds its shape -- even the comfy blends don't do it for me.  Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.

Am making my husband comfy blends right now - will let you know how they turn up and more importantly how they wash up!!

I wear wool in very warm weather with no problem. It's very absorbent. However, there are some yarns that are cotton/wool mixes with some elastic component like lycra. That works well, too. All-cotton isn't suitable. It isn't elastic enough and not very comfortable on the feet.

well if you are going to use cotton - you NEED to use a cotton sock yarn.  Cotton, much like wool, needs to have some nylon in it for wearing ease and durability.  And those are getting hard to come by these days.  Sockotta is nice and there was one made by Fortissima Co or it might have even been Fortissima cotton that was very nice.  You have to remember that when cotton gets wet - it stays wet.  Even running and walking magazines these days are no longer recommending cotton socks, they suggest wool or acrylic!!! because both wick and DRY. 

I tend to wear wool year round.  Wool wicks AND IT DRIES!!!!!  Cotton does not dry, it stays wet in your shoes.  Cotton also does tend to lose shape.  You need to do a "pattern"  stitch.  A twisted rib is good because it gives the fabric some body. 

But I am kind of a wool snob when it comes to my socks.  They seldom is ever stretch out, my feet stay warm or temperate depending on the season, they stay dry, wool with proper nylon combinations are easy to find and the colors these days are spectacular. 

Those those are my 5 penny's worth of adviced. 


I agree with all Cathy says. I found this article that may help you in your decision for what type of yarn to use. You might also want to check out this about wool and warm weather.

Thank you - that makes total sense especially the wicking and drying aspect of wool.  I think I will stick to the wool blends and go from there.  

I recently saw Lorna's Laces sock yarn that adapts to temperature using something called "Outlast".  It is a little on the expensive side (as least for me) but you might want to check into it - the yarn is called Lorna's Laces Solemate.  WEBS sells it & I think I even saw it on Amazon.

Ooh, I may have to try that!

I just came across this discussion and thought I'd add my thoughts. I just bought some 5th Avenue Heel to Toe sock yarn in a cotton/wool blend and 10% nylon. I started a pair and got going on another project so didn't progress enough to get a feel for what the yarn would be like, but will definitely let everyone know once I complete them. Hopefully it will be awesome yarn because I got it on a double sale online.


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