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Hello my fellow knitters. I'm finishing up a pair of lace sock (Hedera by Cookie A.) and I'd like to finish the toe differently than the pattern calls for. I've looked up all the different toe styles I have in my books which are: Standard Toe, Round Toe, Mitten-type Toe, Six-Gore Toe, Star Toe, Short-Row Toe, and Easy Toe. Some of these are for toe-up patterns so I can't consider them for this project. I really like the Star Toe but I don't have the correct stitch count to pull it off (I have 60 and the count has to be divisible by 8). Do any of you sock knitters have other Toe styles that you can suggest and a resource or link? Thanks!

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Just thinking you could do another decrease round and then you would have 56 stitches
Thanks Gingerbean. That would have been my last resort option.

I've never seen a star toe. The instructions on this site (about which I know nothing) claim that the number of stitches only needs to be divisible by 4:


Is that picture similar to the star toe you're seeing?


I've only ever done standard toes and short row toes--oh and one round toe that I didn't like.

Thanks Sarah!! That is just what I'm looking for. How did you search and come up with this link? I did a google search of "Sock Toes" and was disappointed with the results, at least the first few pages of results. I appreciate your help. -- Pat
I just searched on "star toe" and that was the first hit. I was just looking for a picture. :) I imagine searching for toe styles in general would be tough, since "toe" is such a common word in so many contexts. If only the search engines could read our minds and add search terms that would refine the search to what we really wanted, eh?

I have a wonderful book called Socks a la Carte that demonstrates several different heel and toe styles along with several cuff and body styles.  It's a great resource.  I bought it for 6 bucks brand new on Amazon and that included shipping.  It did take about 3 weeks to ship but it was worth it for the price.

At the front of the book it has detailed instructions on each style and then in the back of the book is set up as flip pages so you can mix and match your socks designs. 

I have a sock book by Cookie A (Sock Innovation).  I love her designs. 

I have that book too but overlooked it. I usually go to my all-time favorites of Sensational Knitted Sock and More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I now see that I can add an Origami Toe and a Double Decrease Toe to my list. I think I need to make my own personal Sock Toe booklet w/ instructions. It would save me some research time. Thanks for the book suggestion.  -- Pat
It is a great little book!
I may have to add it to my collection!

Peggy, I gave my attention to this book at the recommendation of Bren's post and I found it to have good instructions for a number of different heels and toes, however they are all based on a 64 st. sock. I learned a lot yesterday from spending time reading it and I'd recommend it for your collection.


I finished sock #1 with the star toe and I'm pleased with how it turned out. This toe has a decrease line down the middle of the sole under the toes. I don't know if that would be a problem for socks intended to be worn in shoes. The pair I'm knitting are "bed socks". Now on to sock #2.

You could also do six dec's instead of eight in each dec rnd, but it might give you a slightly wider toe. You could compensate for that by starting the dec every rnd sooner.


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