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my feet ache when they get cold. even inside in winter when it is warm inside.

I want to start making some socks for myself (to start). What kind of yarn would be best? warm and dry and very soft.

also: are toe up socks easier than regular? I am a new knitter.

thanks so much!

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Well, I think I would use something soft, such as merino, probably a merino blend so it will hold up better. Perhaps merino and nylon blend. Another suggestion for those with extra sensitive skin is to use reverse stockinette stitch on the feet so that the stitches next to your feet are even smoother.

For socks I usually use a superwash merino and nylon blend since it's hard wearing and soft. Fingering weight is what is usualy used for socks and you can buy many kinds of yarn which is specifically for sock knitting. I am knitting 2 pairs at the moment. One out of knitpicks stroll and one from an indy dyer which is 70 percent merino 20 percent silk and 10 percent nylon.


Toe up socks or cuff down socks are a personal preferance. I wouldn't say that one was easier than the other. Do you have a pattern in mind? 

thanks ladies!!! what a quick reply. no I do not have  a pattern yet. one with a heel and a toe will do LOL. simple. simple. suggestions?

Oh, there are so many out there. Click here for a list of free KP patterns. There are several sock patterns. Also, if you are a Ravelry member you can probably find lots of free sock patterns there.

thanks so much. I love these communities! I am very active on the CT quilting canadians as well. friends around the globe!!

I learned to knit socks by watching these videos.

A simple sock pattern i follow for vanilla socks is.

and there is another one here


what is a vanilla sock? is that anything like a vanilla milkshake LOL?

thanks for the videos!!!

It's a plain sock. usually in stockinette stitch with no lace or cables. If you need any more tutorial videos then let me know and I can record some. I am a video podcaster and knit a lot of socks.

LMSO! (S = socks) Yep, just like a vanilla shake, plain and simple.

Shannon, I'm no expert, by any means.  However, I have heard many talk about Blueface Leicester (BFL) blended with nylon being a wonderful yarn to make socks with.  It has a longer staple length than merino does, and wears better too.  Here is an etsy site that sells it.  I'm sure there are others out there too. I thought Lorna's Laces did, but I'm not sure.  BFL is so soft and nice to work with. 

As for a basic sock pattern, I've listed it here before and just finished my first pair using this pattern.  She gives wondereful detailed instructions, complete with pictures for someone who is not sure of what they are doing, which was definitely me. It is for two at a time, toe up, which I greatly liked because both were done at the same time, and my daughter could try them on when she was home from school.  I really liked it because she told me exactly how much longer she wanted the cuff to be, which I would not have been able to do if I had started at the top.  But I know others like doing them top down, one at a time. 

Oh, wow, Wendy! That yarn you pointed to is yummy looking!

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