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Hi All

I been wondering about sock blockers & are they worth getting if so which size

I found a place in the UK that sells them & do in 3 sizes so which would you go for


Handcrafted in Plywood finished in oil

SIZE - large (fits women shoe UK size 7 to 8 ) (Europe 41-42)

SIZE - medium (fits women UK shoe size 5 to 6) (Europe 38-39)

SIZE - SMALL (fits women UK shoe size 3 to 4) (Europe 36-37)


There are other places that sell them but they are at least another £8 or more so would like some advice on this please

Hugs Janice

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Not sure where you're located.  I looked at the website you mentioned and converting to Canadian $  come up with a price of somewhere around $17.40 for a pair, whereas the Knitpicks run around 14.00 a pair.  If you're in the UK, then postage and handling would play into it. 


I hope I've taken everything into consideration.  The KP ones are plastic, as are the ones from Fibertrends, whereas the website you mention has plywood ones -- I have both, actually prefer some metal ones I bought at a garage sale -- just a sock shaped form, works for men's socks.


Good luck, I depend on my sock blockers and can't imagine not using them. 



and happy sock knitting


Thanks Janice

I am in the UK & KP don't ship internationally so i am limited at where i can get them.

I think your right about wood & must say i wasn't sure about these they are fine if i am only using for shaping but if it to use when i wash them then that something else i have to consider

Hugs Janice

The idea is that you put damp socks on the blockers to shape them and even out the knitting.  Either plastic, wood, or metal will work.  They all have holes to allow the socks to dry with some air circulation.  One thing you can do is visit your local yarn store (assuming of course that there's one close by) and see what they have.  They might not carry any at all, but on the other hand they might have some.  Another suggestion is to look on ebay (the one in the uk) and search for sock blockers or sock stretchers.  I like the antique ones I have, and they work very well. 


Good luck and happy sock knitting. 

Most of the yarn stores that i been to don't even sell sock yarn & now there is not really a LYS just a few places that sells some yarn but not much of it not like yarn stores use to do

I am looking on eBay & on the net will see what is available there was some metal ones but the store is out of stock & looks like they have been for quite a while if i go for wood then the store i shared the link with is the best price there is some on eBay i am keeping a eye on depending on what they go up to closer to the finishing date so will see

Hugs Janice

I also have the KP medium sock blockers and rarely use them.

Thanks Elaine

Why is that is it that you don't bother or some other reason it interesting to know why some use them & some don't

Hugs Janice

I too have the KP Medium Sock Blockers. I like the fact that they are plastic and not wood. To me they make a big difference in how the socks look after washing, particularly lace as others have said. I'm one of those people who, when committed to a certain craft form, i.e. sock knitting, I like having the tools that help my work look its best. Socks may be small but they are a generous investment of my time. So if you too are a committed sock knitter I would encourage you to purchase the blockers and in a size nearest to the socks you usually knit. In my opinion it is a small cost for the contribution they make. But then, I really like my hand knitted socks.

Thanks, i do think i want some as i do feel they will help with the socks i do

It a case of where i can get them as being in the UK not many places sell them & KP don't ship internationally anyway

On Size i guess the medium seem the best to go for as my DH is not a large man size & i do more for him will see what the options are if i can find other places to go to look at

Hugs Janice


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