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I just finised my 1st sock( Magic Loop  Toe up ) I love it.  However, when I binded off the sock it became way too tight.  I can't get it over my heel.  Meanwhile, the sock fits perfectly.   I can't believe it.  My 1st sock perfect but I can't use it.  Can this be fixed?  I guess when I bound it , it was the wrong type of Bindoff.    HELP :(      What is the Best type of bindoff for socks.  


By the way, my socks are nothing special.  Just your plain Starter Sock.  This was test sock for just getting the hand of MajicLoop Toe up socks, 2 at a time.  Thank God I just did one Sock to start off with. 

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There are several methods of stretchy bind offs.  Just Google Stretchy  Bind off  for Socks and you will certainly find one to use.  I think the videos are much easier to learn from than having someone try to write the method.  Good luck and welcome to the world of sock kniting. E.
My favorite is called "surprisingly stretchy bind off."  It's amazingly simply.  You just yarn over between stitches and then bind off the stitch and the yarn over together.  In other words, knit one, yo, knit one, pull first knitted stitch and yo over the second knitted stitch.  That's one stitch bound off. Now yo, knit, pull one stitch and one yo over the last knitted stitch.  That's the second.  Repeat the second until you get to the end.  Pull the yarn through the last stitch and use a tapestry needle to wrap it around the first bind off and then tuck the yarn into the sock.  I can't explain why, but this bind off is really great for anything you're going to be pulling over feet, arms or head.

Thanks, Connie! I've got to remember this bind off. I've been doing the one where you knit two together but it still is a little stiff.


xo Susie

I agree with Connie!  The 'surprisingly' stretchy bind off is great!  I love it and use it regularly!  Especially if the leg has ribbing at the top.  Love it for that.  I'll embed it here if it will work.  :)


I use the Russion bind off or sewn bind off. I've got skinny ankles feet and legs so need that tightness to hold sock up. Googeling Jennys stretchy bind off is what I would do. I cant comment on that bind of as I've never used it myself.

I've seen two different ways described as the Russian bind off.

I think this first video shows the traditional way to do the Russian bind off. Is this the way you do it, AB?

If you can't see the video, here is the link:

And the other way you will see when you look on YouTube is the way I cast off. This video only shows how to do it with a knit stitch, but it can be done in the purl also. If you have access to Lucy Neatby's DVD Knitting Essentials 2 or Sock Techniques 1, she demonstrates this method but does not call it a Russian bind off. Excellent demonstration.

Again if you can't see the video, here is the link:

Hi Panther...I use this stretchy bind off:


Demonstrated by Cat Bordhi..she is amazing...Her new e-book on The Smooth Tomato heel is wonderful.


Hope this helps a bit,




Thanks Alot,   I saw some of these videos on YT but I guess I just ended up doing a reg. bo. by mistake.   Just started the Heel on my second sock & I have learned how to knit backwards( Purling really ends up hurting my fingers alot. I am a picker, but will revert back to throwing just so I am used to doing it when I find a nice Fair isle project to do).
Being able to pick and throw can really make colorwork much easier.

I agree with Cheryl...

I learned the American (English)  way..or throwing when I first learned to knit a long time ago....but a few years ago I was told the European (Continental) or picking was I taught myself...after all holding yarn in my left hand felt more natural as I am also a crocheter of many years too....

So knowing both styles can help in any colorwork is very handy to know.


Yeah, I found that out.   I actually like throwing better, but I find picking quicker.  With knitting backward I find it kind of akward the pick & throwing is better for me right now.  Or atleast until I get the feel of Backward knitting much better.
Do you plan on taking out the tight bind off and replacing it?  If you cut the yarn already, you will most likely need more- the stretchier bind offs take more yarn.  But you could take out the bind off and one more row of knitting and you'd have enough - if you didn't want to have to join more in.


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