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Hi All,
I am Janice & live in the UK, U been doing socks now for about 2-3 years this was after many years of failing to do what i call a proper sock with heel ect as the only ones i had done was either tubular or two needle ones.
I have just secured my 1st paying order for socks which i am working on now these are 2 pairs of ladies socks which i have in my album a cotton pair & a Bamboo pair plus 2 men's pairs i have done one which i also have just put in my album they are Irish Colour
I will be starting the 2nd pair of men's to complete the order i think i will use the Irish Colour range again but it will be a different colour.
All my sock knitting has been what you can say is plain in that i do the rounds in knit stitch after the 1 x 1 rib i tend to use self-patterning yarns in the most part so the socks are different that said my DH is a fussy one he likes solid/plain colours so for him i do those that said he did say that he liked the Irish colour that i just completed trouble is i don't have another ball of that as most of the time when i get my Online yarn (that the name of the maker) i get it in lots of 8 balls 1 of each of the colours in the different ranges
I am waiting on a delivery of a range called Canadian Colour i get them from Germany, i have other ones in their range such as Emotion all which are a 4 ply yarn i also have a 6 ply range called Wellness which has Aloe Vera in
Well i hope to get to know you all better & thank you for letting me join, you all have a good day take care
Hugs Janice

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Janice: Welcome! Socks are so much fun, as you have already discovered! Too bad Knit Picks doesn't deliver to the UK (yet)! They have some great yarn and spinning fiber! Happy knitting!
Thanks Peggy
I get a lot of my sock yarn from Ebay there a lady who has a eBay shop & is in Germany i have had a lot from her & the Irish colour ones was from her
I also bid on other yarns & I just won 2 packs of Regia 4 ply yarn each pack is 10 x 100 gram balls & they are a Green & Denim so while it would be nice to get some other yarns i am happy with ones that i do get
Hugs Janice
I have used Regia sock yarn, and it's one of my favorites!
I love it as well but the Germany yarns are really nice & one line called Emotion Colour oh they are so soft you never want to take them off lol
Hugs Janice
Janice, welcome to the group. There is nothing wrong with "plain" socks. Glad to see you are enjoying sock making so. ♥cheryl
Thanks Cheryl
My DH likes them really plain as he not in to self-patterning yarns well not many the odd one or 2 so i make sure i have yarns in for him the other yarns i get is for me, gifts or as i just received an order it come in handy
Hugs Janice
My DH likes socks plain also. Sometimes using a stitch pattern can make knitting with solid dark colors a little more challenging.
I was talking to DH last night & he said yes he liked the Irish Colour but no he wouldn't wear it & there i was thinking i could do something different lol i was telling him of the other yarn i have Emotion which would be great for him as it so soft but it the colours he wouldn't wear & they don't do it in plain colours.
I think it will be his socks that i try different things with as one good thing with plain colours you can see it even dark colours compared to a pattern yarn
I will ask if i want to change from doing a 1x1 rib to say a 2x2 rib it shouldn't really change the size much should it or will it
Hugs Janice
You could always overdye the socks if they were too colorful for him.
That's what I was thinking, also. Overdyeing could be a great solution. Sometimes it is hard to see when knitting with dark colors. Perhaps knit the socks, then dye them? I don't think a 2 x 2 rib will change the size that much.
Thanks Cheryl
I didn't think the 2x2 would change it much either
I am not sure about dyeing especially if it all of different being self-patterning not too sure what the results would be plus i am not sure i could or want to do dyeing
Hugs Janice
I would only overdye if it is the only way to get your DH to wear them or find a different recipient!


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