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I know I should have negative ease around the " foot knuckles".
What about the length??
Or should I have 10% negative ease on all foot and ankle measurements??

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Oh, Marty, I'm not sure. Let's see if someone has some ideas. In the meantime, I'll try to get some research done.
Thanks. I have looked and looked and I find the occasional, rare mention of ease.
Due to fuzzy math, I think these fancy lace socks come closer to fitting me instead of larger and longer Susan..
Charlene Schurch recommends caution with negative ease (5-10%). She says that fibers that are under tension will wear out faster than socks that are relaxed on the foot. If you are going to have negative ease, you will need to make the sock longer. On the other hand, Clara Parkes says the sock should be slightly shorter than the foot. If it slides around in the shoe, it will wear out faster. She says if you have the potential sock wearer present, if you can wrap the sock around their fist (heel to toe) and meet, it's time to BO for toe. I haven't tried this myself.
Thanks. I would prefer an absolute answer. You do it THIS way and it will be RIGHT!! However, I am finding knitting isn't like that. And the giftee isn't present!!
Time for socks for me and shawls for everyone else!!
Again, thanks for your help.
I suspect a small amount of negative ease is OK, regardless of who is right. You get the advice and make up your own mind.
You are right. I am just pouting. I am not getting the schedule from the Doc that I want. And I am mad at everybody!!
Lord give me patience and I want it NOW!!!
Thanks for your help.
Be careful! You pray for patience, next thing you know, God has given you something to be patient about!
I'm so glad Peggy popped in. I haven't had a chance to research. There was a gas leak near our house that we had to report. A neighbor was walking by and smelled gas. They showed up here about 10pm, turned off our appliances, did a pressure test and then turned it back on. There is a leak in the main outside. They just arrived to repair it. It will be hard getting to sleep with all the digging right outside our bedroom window. But at least they are taking care of it and we don't have to worry.
Nice of them to work so late. I hope you finally got some sleep!
I think they finished between 3 and 4, but I was too groggy to know. At least it is fixed. The amazing thing is that there was a survey marked a couple of days ago and we were on the non-emergency list to have repairs. We have done enough propane cases that IMHO there is no such thing as a non-emergency when it comes to gas of any kind.
Maybe they knew the lines were deteriorating based on how long they had been in the ground?
Actually, before we reported it, they had been out and done an X-ray survey. But the guy who was first sent out said he couldn't find any records of them having done the X-ray or that it was on the repair list.


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