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yes yes yes. Make more. two socks, one long needle is my request.
I did 2 sox on 2 needles and had a real snarl. I vote for 2 sox one needle.
I have to agree with the poster below. Even though I have been knitting socks for awhile, it doesn't hurt to have a review.
Kelley, I'm sure we can give a very long list!

One video I would like to see, especially for newbies who haven't had a chance to collect numerous tools and gadgets, would be on how to make a center pull ball by hand. The ones I've seen on the net are okay, but not exactly up to your quality.

You've really got a knack for this.
Tks sooo much for your videos.
I learned to knit two years ago and since then I'm trying to enter in the world of sock knitting, but I couldn't find anyone to teach me. It's not something very common here in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro).
I was finding really hard to follow sock instructions for the first time. Sometimes I thought I was reading in greek and not in english anymore... Hehehe...
Now I am almost finishing my first sock.
Thanks very much!!!
P.S.: I agree with the other posts. I really would like more videos with the other ways to make socks, including with double point needles.

Lily, she really has done a nice job, hasn't she? It's nice to see that she is reaching people all over the world.
Yes! Please post pics!!

Having a nice list of your videos in order is a really great big help!! It helps us disorganized knitters, and keeps the videos at the top of the list so we can find them. I would hate for any of these to "fall off the back".
Thank you so much for making this post listing the videos in order! This is such a great resource for new and experienced sock knitters!
Another video suggestion--toe up sock knitting!! Please, Please!! With such an unusual cast on, there are many concepts to master!!--Thanks for super videos, Kelley!!
Kelly, tried out your Eye of Partridge hell flap and followed your pick up instructions. I must tell you that I have the best heel I have ever done without any holes.absolutely love the heel. Thanks doesn't seem to be enough wish I could say more. But to be able to say that I am looking forward to the Kitchener stitch should say it all. Will post a pick once I get all the decreasing completed.

Thanks again :) :) :)
Happy dance! Happy dance! Happy dance!!

Congratulations on your heel success!!!



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