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I do home health and have someone with very large lower extremeties due to permanent swelling so my project is a tube sock/slipper approach with ribbing... The pattern is k2p1 ribbing that after the ankle part is funneled down to k1p1. I am using worsted weight yarn for my trial sample and am going to spray "Dip it" tool coating lightly on the bottom to form a non-skid sole. Ribbing is probably the best for size retention...has anyone thought of adding in wooly nylon for reinforcing and stretchiness??? I have used this in the past for sewing swimwear with my serger...very stretchy without constriction. It also comes in a variety of colors. Tube socks are a little more forgiving.

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Sally, your discussion comes just in time! Grace [fibersofgrace] started a request for help with swollen feet. You might want to check out her discussion here. I'm going to point her to your discussion also.
The tool coating sounds interesting. I would make sure to have the socks on blockers or something when you do that. :)
I was planning on using fabric paint for non-slip on felted slippers. You can paint it on in strips or shapes or whatever. I hadn't thought about an all-over type of thing. Cool idea!
Sally: I've considered wooly nylon for reinforcement, also. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it would be better than a nylon sewing thread, gentler on the wool fibers, and it would make it easier to repair thin spots in the wool with duplicate stitch before an actual hole forms.
Pickle: I've tried fabric paint for non-slip grippers on the bottoms of fabric slippers. It didn't work too well. I don't know if it's because I didn't use enough, or if it just wore down very quickly, but with all the little feet that needed slippers, I decided that Jiffy Grip was worth the $$ because it worked so much better. I'm planning some felted slippers for this winter and bought leather scraps to cut pieces for slipper bottoms.


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