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Help with crossover rib pattern in sensational knitted socks

I am totally stuck! I got a great tonal yarn from kp and was going to to this patten (page 37 for those of you that might have the book) and I don't know how to do this stitch!,,

It says work 5 sts (k1,yo,k1,yo,k1) into next 2 sts tog (treat the 2 sts tog as 1stitch when working the 5 stitches)

What the heck does that mean? Do I start to do a k2tog, then knit ? How do I get the yo in there... Cute pattern but I am so stuck! Anyone out there have any ideas?

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Pickle!!  Amazing!!  May I please take a copy of this???  I was wanting a good graphic of the Weaver's Knot just a couple of weeks ago and couldn't find one that suited me.  This is perfect!!


Of course!  I meant to put in that post that if anyone wants to use it, just right click and copy or save it. so you can print it or whatever.  :)   After adding it here, I opened it back up in Paint and took out my chicken scratch and added real text.  :)  If anyone wants that one instead, just send me a message and I can get it to you (so I don't clog up this line with so many/so big pictures. 

Oh no!! I mean, I want this version!! I think your hand written words are part of what makes it so priceless!!  The penmanship is excellent!

And Thank You!!!!!!

::blushing::  :D

Thank you!  This reminds me of us girls fighting over Mom's handwritten recipe cards.   :)  I have a lot of them.  :)  But I hope to take them to an office store and have them copy them off onto cardstock for each of my sisters.  That would be a cool wedding present, huh?  One sister is getting married in June.  She can't have my originals, but copies would be almost as good.  :)

That's a great idea!!

Pickle, this great.  I used the weaver's knot just the other day for the MSH KAL, and had a bit of a hard time with it.  I think this diagram looks easier to understand.   Good job! 

Thank you, Wendy!  My shorthand is sometimes a little too short, but on this one it doesn't seem like it would be incomprehensible to someone else.  :)  That's why I had the guts to share it.  :)

Hehehe, I so completely understand.  I don't qualified to be giving advice to others, not when there are so many others on here who know so much more than I do. 

Ooh, I'd hire you in a minute!

I hope you're cooking now! Let us see a photo of your sock when you have something to show! (We love photos!)


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