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Hi! I'm waiting for some Stroll Handpainted to arrive to knit my first pair of socks and in the meantime, I'm "practising" with some Elegance yarn. Cookie A's The Monkey is my first attempt at sock knitting, and I have a question for those familiar with the pattern - at the start of the Heel Flap, it says:

First Set-up Row: K16; turn work so that WS is facing.

Second Set-up Row: Sl 1, p31 onto 1 needle. Heel flap will be worked back and forth on these 32 sts; remaining 32 sts on hold for instep.

Does this mean that my actual first short row is the K16?
Do I knit the 16 stitches, then when I turn my work and for the second row, is the Sl 1 and the first 15 of the 32 stitches done on the 16 stitches I just knit, and then I just continue to the next 16 stitches to complete the set up row…. I hope that this makes sense to someone…

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I haven't done this pattern yet, but what I think it says is this
step 1 K16, turn work. So flip it around so you can see the wrong side
step 2 Sl 1 p31. So slip this first stitch, and then purl the next 15 and then an aditional 16, and now begin the heel flap
step 3 begin the heel flap as pattern says.

I am not sure why it has you do a short row here. I hope this helps. I realize I may have repeated what you wrote, but as far as I can tell you have it right.
Thanks so least I know that I'm not nuts!
I agree with Angel Bear. I haven't done this pattern either. But I imagine you have been knitting in the round and the beginning of that round is the middle of the back of the sock.

Typically when knitting socks on dpns, my needles are as pictured (sorry, I haven't had time to clean up my pics and add arrows and numbers)

Consider the lower left needle as #1 (part of back of sock), top needle as #2 (instep), and lower right needle as #3 (part of back of sock). So what you are doing is knitting the 16 sts that would be on #1. Turning your work, sl first st, knit 15 left on needle one, then knit 16 sts on needle 3. This sets up the heel flap.

Does this make sense?

(And, yes, Angel Bear, it is 1:39am my time. My bad!)
You are all awesome...between cherylbwaters pictures, and all of your explanations, I think that I will be fine. Thanks again to all.
Rhona, we are all glad to be of help.
Hi All,

I thought that I would let you see that I took your help and advice and it seems to be working. I had some Imagination Gingerbread in my stash, so I decided to give the pattern a "GO". (And the sock actually fits!). Yay! I've turned into a sock knitter !!!
Oh, I really like that. I love the colors. Is that done like an entrelac pattern?
No, it's just a lucky combination between the KP yarn and the Cookie A Monkey pattern. I've used this colorway before for a clapotis and it just looked muddy, but in a sock, it really looks terrific.
It almost looks like an entrelac pattern. I'm going to have to think about that pattern for some of the sock yarn I recently got.
ooooooh what did you get? I have some Agean Tweed waiting to go, but I need my needles for sock summit so it will have to wait until Thursday evening.
Angel Bear, I have some Imagination in Seven Dwarves and Stroll in Tea Party. I think I might use the Seven Dwarves for the Monkey pattern.

(Okay, Peggy, go ahead, try to make a comment on my spelling of Seven Dwarves! That's how KP spelled it! LOL)
Cheryl, I was just thinking the same thing about Seven Dwarves - it's really vibrant. For the fun of it, I ordered Stroll in Cartoon to make another pair.
PS I'm also a (ahem) 57 year old attorney!


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