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I attempted socks a few months ago and it didn't go well at all.  Gauge was off and changed frequently. Toe was way too pointy and I am not an elf so it didn't work for my personal style.  I heard that toe-up socks could be tried on as you knit them if you used ML or 2 circs so I decided to attempt socks again.  This time I decided to use my daughter for a guinea pig since her feet are much smaller than mine.  

I was a bit anxious about the short row heel, but it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

After I finished the first sock, she refused to let anyone take it off.  It was a little long, but not too much and since her feet are still growing I figured she wouldn't outgrow them tomorrow.  *fingers crossed*  I finished the second sock and she immediately wanted to wear them.  Score!

The stripes are off, but it doesn't bother either of us.  I'm just happy that they turned out so well and that she actually wants to wear them.

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They're adorable! I purchased Chippy Socks on Ravelry and can't wait to place my next KP order to try them. The socks are all geometric designs using 3 different colors.....none of them "match" but because of the same 3 colors, they do coordinate. I think kids would love them. I'd call your first pair a huge success!
Those are absolutely adorable! I think they turned out great. I think the stripes are going to be off no matter what you do, so I'm glad you & your daughter like them just the way they are!

How old is your daughter? It was smart of you to start with socks her size. Unfortunately, that wouldn't work for me - I have 2 sons, 20yo & 17yo! I guess my feet are the smallest in the family (and they are not really small!).

I like toe up sock knitting too. I used "Toe-Up!" by Chrissy Gardiner, and I liked her different options for the cast on, toe, heel & bind off.
That's the book I have. I am going to try some of the other options for toes and heels. I already tried all of the bind offs and prefer the sewn bind off because it looked neater to me. I just have to make sure that I don't do it too tight.
I used Judy's Magic Cast-On, Shaped Round Toe, Short Row Heel & Yarn Over Bind-Off. I thought the bind off was too loose. Here are my socks:

I really like the color. I'm going to try some for my son soon and I was worried about using yarn that may be more than one color, but a tonal is a great idea!
I loved this color. It is KP's Stroll Blue Violet Multi. I haven't used self-striping in anything yet, but I love using tonals and multi-colors.
These are just beautiful! And I love that you detailed which methods you used. I've been reading and researching and looking at patterns and methods till my eyes are about to bug out trying to decide which pattern and methods to use on my first pair. I bought some sock yarn and needles from Knit Picks along with one of Cat Bordhi's books, but I haven't gotten the courage to begin yet. The heel instructions might as well be written in Greek!! But you guys are really giving me the much-needed confidence to start them. Thanks!
Jennie, just take it one step at a time. I know some patterns recommend reading through all instructions before you begin, but that can be confusing or intimidating to some people. If you do each step as you come to it, I think you'll see how it works/goes together as you are doing it. Socks really aren't that hard!! You'll do a great job!
I agree! I find trying to read a pattern through to be very confusing. I stick a sticky note or magnet on my pattern to indicate where I am and jump in. Someone will be around if you need to ask for help!
Thank you.

I would also recommend Kelley's videos on sock knitting. I felt she was very clear, and that helped me understand the different parts (& learn magic loop, which I couldn't get for the life of me from books!) before I used the books to do different patterns, methods. Kelley's videos are for 1 sock at a time, top down, with magic loop. My sock following her videos was this (I never made the 2nd one):

I still think you could get an all black or all orange for Sunday! But I really think it needs its mate.
Jennie, jump on in, the water is fine and there is lots of support here. Oh, yes, click here for Kelley's videos.


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