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Please post your finished socks here. Here are my finished Eunices. I used the Essential in Dusk and this is a great pattern. I also did a three needle bind off for the toes instead of the kitchener stitch. I am really pleased with these socks, even though in the begining I wasn't too thrilled with the color, but now I am loving these socks.

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thanks wendy - great tips! i love using ziplock bags to organize my yarn so this will be great, but probably have to use more bags if i'm doing colorwork.  . . so, just to complicate things even more (and this is where I probably should been smarter :) ), but i used the same ball of Pearlescent yarn for both socks at the same time - meaning one sock used the yarn from the center of the ball, the other sock from the outside. i did use two different balls of Palette yarn so i didn't completely drive myself crazy. LOL.

Ah, yes they were made toe-up. I find it easier and faster to do toe-up and I can gauge the length of the foot better. The leg part is what takes longer for me to do for some reason.

What is your formula for gauging the length of the foot?  Especially if you don't have the foot in your room :)   I find the opposite true.  I can gauge the foot length better when doing cuff down :)

I actually use a chart for foot length - you can find it on KP - and it's great for when you want to create a particular size. it's easy to use if you know a person's shoe size and gives you the length for US, Eur and Mex measurements. 

that's great that cuff-down works well for you. do you use DPN's?

No - I am all about the magic loop.  I was forever dropping my dpn's!!  OK - the way my instructions for toe up read "knit in the round until sock reaches the front of your ankle.  Then begin the gusset."  I guess my question would be "on a 10 inch sock - when do I start my gusset?  Make sense?

I do the same when I use my DPN's now! I'm so used to dropping my cir needles (and it stays connected of course) that when i use dpn's i forget and end up having to pick them off the floor.

Lately I've been using a short-row heel for my socks and they are usually 1.5-2" long, so for a 10" sock, I'd start the short row heel around 8" or so. For a gusset, I think I also estimate 2" (it's been a while since I've done a gusseted heel), so I'd start at 8". If it comes out a little shorter than 10", you'll still have some stretch in the sock so it should still fit a 10" foot. 

Am eager to hear what other gusset-heel knitters do!

Because I am umm, err, 'too picky'  you could say (actually, I'm thinking of another word here, but feel I shouldn't use it - lol) ... I carefully measured then wound two small balls to work with. 

Thanks for the links, Wendy. Another good idea would be to use the Namatse Oh snap bags. The ones I have are gray, not pink. While looking for the Namatse bags I also found this, though I've never tried these bags. The nice thing about the Namatse Oh Snap bags is that you can remove the ball without having to cut yarn.

Those are pretty cool, the walker bags that is! 


Christina, on one of those links she shows how to include a second color.  I really can't say enough good about this system she has devised.  I never had a tangle.  Never!

thanks cheryl and wendy - i'll have to check them out. i'm thinking about a new pattern using 3 colors so these bags may help keep me sane :)

What a wonderful way to remember "the day". Some of us can pull out a dress from the back of the closet but how many can pull out a pair of socks and say, "I wore these when I got married"? You did a great job Christina and contributed to her happy memories. - Pat

Clever, very, very clever!

not finished, but just to show I haven't abandoned socks in all my baby knitting and colorwork:


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