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Please post your finished socks here. Here are my finished Eunices. I used the Essential in Dusk and this is a great pattern. I also did a three needle bind off for the toes instead of the kitchener stitch. I am really pleased with these socks, even though in the begining I wasn't too thrilled with the color, but now I am loving these socks.

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I hate it when he does the taxes. I almost have to start all over from scratch when he messages things up. Just easier to do it myself.

Ooooo, that's too bad.  Well then, you can reward yourself with spinning when you finish them, or better yet, when you take much needed breaks during the pesky procedure of doing taxes. 

There will be plenty of spinning breaks if I would only make myself get started.

Write your name in the appropriate slot, and then you've started and can get back to spinning!


It works. It gets your mind started, and the rest follows. Assuming you have all your stuff lined up, receipts, etc.

i started my taxes a few weeks ago and just keep all my paperwork on the coffee table in the hopes that it would push me to finish faster. of course having my bowl of knitting on the side table next to my spot on couch (which is closer than the coffee table) didn't help. i was able to finish yesterday so now back to knitting and spinning! good luck cheryl - hope you finish soon.

Hmmmm, (holding both right and left hands out, weighing them back and forth) taxes?, kniting?, taxes?, knitting?  

 Lol, what you need to spur you on is the FAFSA deadline hanging over your head.  DH normally would do taxes right about now, but when the girls went off to college, we had to have it done by the middle of Feb.  Your whole financial aid packet depends on this.  So glad that this is "hopefully" the last year we have to do that bit of fun. 

Glad to hear you can knit, spin and dye with peace of mind now.  :o)

How does he message things up?

You don't know how to "messages things up"? I don't know if I can tell you that here. I mean this is a public site, right?

I didn't want to ask when I saw this earlier, but Peggy, I'm glad you did - lol. 

Cheryl can usually produce a snappy comeback!


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