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Please post your finished socks here. Here are my finished Eunices. I used the Essential in Dusk and this is a great pattern. I also did a three needle bind off for the toes instead of the kitchener stitch. I am really pleased with these socks, even though in the begining I wasn't too thrilled with the color, but now I am loving these socks.

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I still havent had time for Pappy's stocking but thats ok. I think I used the yarn on the Mitts of Steal tags anyways. Glad to see you posting again today. Finished shawl #12 though. Almost done with #13. i dont wear shawls! So guess what people are getting for Christmas. Today gotta find old passport so can renew it. Medicare wont cover dialysis but dang it, I'm going to support my sister in July when she runs a marathon in Sweden with a side trip to the brick and mortar store of the impossible to get Wollmeise yarn in Munich. If she can fly all the way to Sweden just to run I can go to Germany just for yarn! Ok so we both are nuts.
Go for it!

Sounds like a great reason to dust off the passport!  And you will have each other in your nuttiness.

The whole family is thinking of going since my nephew may go to college in Finland next fall. Now if I could just find that expired passport. That and a new photo. Ugh photos.
I hear ya! I think it was Irma Bomback who said, "When you start to look like your passport photo, it's time to go home!"

I done a few pairs of socks over the past month or so it colours that don't photo well so not bothered trying, i finished the last pair this afternoon so i am thinking of starting a sweater for me i have 2 lots of Aran yarn one i am thinking of doing in a Aran pattern the other which is a flex i thinking just a stocking stitch one as i have a pattern showing a sweater in a nice flex yarn so would be nice

Hugs Janice

What is flex yarn? and what do you mean by "lots"? I plan to knit a sweater soon too. Have to swatch to see if the yarn will look ok with cables as its a 52/48% blend of silk/BFL.
Those were my questions exactly! I was a knitter when we lived in the UK, but that was awhile back.

Well have replied i so what do you call it when you get a batch of yarn for a project i guess it the common touch coming out in me lol

Hugs Janice

I call it an addition to my ever growing stash of yarn. I was more confused with "flecks".

What i mean by lots is enough in each lot to do 1 sweater i say lots as batches not quite sure how you would say it

Flex is the main colour is green but has bits of other colours in it such as a off white so it not just a solid green yarn unlike the wine that does has slight flex or so my friend can see but i don't notice it much on that

the yarn is 80% acrylic & 20% Wool

Hugs Janice

I think you mean "flecks." like a tweed yarn? Now it makes sense. I was thinking it was some kind of elastic yarn. I have seen yarn for socks with spandex to make up for not having wool. I'm not sure what you would call a batch of knitting wool for a particular project. I just refer to those things as projects in my pipeline or queue. Anyone else have an idea?


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